A presentation about the most profitable way to invest $5000, taking current market trends into account. Today’s world of investment is full of surprises. Faced with the collapse of Enron and many other companies now in trouble for similar practices,

A discussion on the effects of U.S. anti-terrorism campaigns on the economy of the United States. The following paper looks at the result of spending billions on security measures in the U.S.A. to combat terrorism. It discusses the ways in

Analyzes the reasons for the rhetorical success of the address attacking President Reagan. Mario Cuomo delivered his Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, California on July 17, 1984. Cuomo was Governor of New York at the

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This paper looks at the concept of group dynamics in sociology and how it is applied in practice in a university campus. This paper looks at the sociological concept of group dynamics. It claims that many theories have been written

This paper takes a look at the FAA and its role before and after the Sept 11th attacks This paper provides a detailed look at the FAA and its role in the Sept 11th terrorist attack aftermath. It gives a

This paper discusses women in the workplace and gender inequalities. A discussion of the truth behind claims of diminishing gender inequalities. The author looks at why despite their increasing participation within the labor force, many women in today’s world are

This paper briefly examines Ernest Hemingway’s short story – Hills Like White Elephants. This paper briefly takes a look at the relationship between the main characters in Ernest Hemingway’s book “Hills Like White Elephants”. It shows the norms of society

A discussion of the factors responsible for the slowdown in Asia’s economic performance and its move towards recession in 2000 – 2001. This paper discusses the several factors responsible for the economic slowdown in South East Asian countries in recent

Examines ideas on fear of death in light of his determination to pursue truth & justice regardless of the outcome. Socrates’s Views of Death in the Apology and the Crito Socrates’s views of death in the Apology and the Crito

This paper examines how Tolstoy attempts to persuade us to find meaning in life by presenting two distinct sets of supporting characters and by demonstrating why Ivan Ilych is afraid to die and what causes his suffering. The paper analyzes

A look at his life and career. This paper is a biography of the great poet Edgar Allan Poe. The author discusses some of his best work and examines the way his life impacted his writing. From the paper: “Some

How Michael Bloomberg used his initiative and credos to succeed in life and in business. This book report examines the autobiographical account of how Michael Bloomberg, after being dismissed from an important position for many years with Salomon Bros. of

Life & career of leader crowned in 1000 A.D. Looking at religion, politics, rise to power, national unification, canonization and succession issues. This paper is a biography of Stephen, crowned as the first king of Hungary on Christmas Day, 1000

A review of the ethnographic book “Lugbara of Uganda” by John Middleton and a history of Uganda. This paper examines the book “Lugbara of Uganda” by well-known ethnographer Middleton, which presents observations of the different African cultures and some unexplored

This paper discusses the importance of Samuel Daniel’s Delia through its structure and the creation of the modern sonnet. This paper discusses the importance of Samuel Daniel’s “Delia” through its structure and the creation of the modern sonnet. The author

A study addressing the question: “Was the Cold War a statement of power?” The paper deals with how the Cold War affected the power of the United States. A synopsis of the Cold War is given, which includes the background

This paper analyzes sibling rivalry relationships, drawing on specific case studies taken from the” Book of Genesis.” The following paper analyzes sibling rivalry relationships from two perspectives of analysis: that of structuralism and that of emphasizing the importance of the

Examines history, rehabilitation vs. punishment, problems, need for reform, public & media views and juvenile’s rights. Juvenile delinquency is a major social problem in the United States today. It is defined as that behavior on the part of children which

This paper is a study of the pain medication market in the United States, and pays special attention to the launching and success of Children’s Advil. This paper is an overview and analysis of the launching of Children’s Advil to

Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS Introduction Osteoarthritis is found to be the most common form of arthritis. Studies show that around five percent of the US population is affected with hip or knee osteoarthritis and over 70 percent

Analysis of Aristotle’s view that the middling class make the best rulers. This paper is a discussion of the book `The Politics` by Aristotle. In this book Aristotle introduces the idea of a middle class, and argues it’s significance for

This paper explores the role of Kent in Shakespeare’s `King Lear` as a foreshadow of Lear’s growth from an unfeeling man, to a man who places love above all else. This author believes that Kent is perhaps one of the

A review of the biographical novel, “Biko” by Donald Woods. The paper reviews the book as a biography of both Steve Biko and Donald Woods. It illustrates how Donald Woods was able to combine his own story with that of

This paper examines the painting L’Yerres, Effet de Pluie as impressionist and modern. This paper studies and praises the painting L’Yerres, Effet de Pluie by Gutave Caillebotte. It gives a brief history of his life, his influences, and an overview

A discussion of ISO 14000, the Environmental Management standard and its implementation in the construction industry. Compliance with the international standard ISO 14000 cannot occur without the development of an Environmental Management Plan. The implementation of an EMP is costly

A critical review of Willa Cather’s novel. The paper sets out to demonstrate how the novel mirrors life in the America of the early 1900s. It reviews the book within the context of the industrial revolution. It explores the symbolism

Analyzes effectiveness of global biotechnology firm’s diversity program. Introduction The American workplace is composed of workers from different backgrounds and cultures with different expectations of what the employment experience should hold for them. Workers come not only from various parts

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