Most know Marina and the Diamonds (aka singer Marina Diamandis) as the band behind the glitzy, self-obsessed radio hit in 2012, “Primadonna.” But before Diamandis’ enigma of Electra Heart surfaced, the singer had already released an album in 2010. Titled

A few months ago, a group of friendsand I attended the Family Values ’99 Tour at Worcester’sCentrum. It was a magnificent concert with some show-stoppingperformances. The show featured many bands, but the best byfar was the headliner, Limp Bizkit. I

“Dog” is the predominant word in this album, titled “Ghost of a Dog.” “Dog” is mentioned in many songs including “Times Like This” with the lyrics “make sure the cat is in/don’t worry ’bout the dog.” Even in “This Eye,”

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Family Force 5 is hands down an awesome crunk band. What is crunk you say? Well crunk is a mixture of styles of music. Crunk can be a mixture of many types of music, but in most cases it’s like

Radio airplay is no measure oftalent. If it were, Jump, Little Children would not be thebest band you’ve never heard – they’d be the best band youhave blasting 24-7. Although they’ve become extremely populararound their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina

With a mellow sound, catchy keys and fuzzy guitar riffs reminiscent of early Beatles recordings, Philly-based Dr. Dog’s “We All Belong” has all the ingredients for musical genius. The album’s subject matter spans a bevy of emotions, from detachment to

“OH MY GOD. You look just like Shakira!” These are often the first words sung from my mouth when I see a certain friend of mine in the morning. Followed immediately by, “No, no, you’re Catherine Zeta?” and then her

When it comes to Finnish Power Metal, you’ll often think of Nightwish, Stratovarius or even Sonata Arctica first. Here to add to that line-up are some “extreme” power metal bands like Norther, Kalmah and these guys, otherwise known as melodic

“Kindred Spirits” is a song that Emmet Cahill sang while he was in Celtic Thunder. This was his first solo in the group. The song is featured on the DVD “Voyage” and the CD “Heritage.” This song is about a

Snoop Doggy Dogg – “Doggystyle” “Bow-wow-wow!” The long awaited debut of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Doggystyle” has hit a music store near you. Produced by Dr. Dre and written by the smooth flow of Snoop, the debut is just what the

“Business Up Front, Party In The Back ” This is an amazing CD! Family Force 5 is a very good band, that knows what people want to hear. If you first listen to this band, you would not think that

My favorite death metal band is HERE! Children of Bodom is a Melodic Death Metal band out of Finland and are also signed with the legendary Nuclear Blast Records. I can’t find anything wrong with this band. It it among

I clutched the bedpost as my house hurled through the sky. Opening my eyes for only a fraction of a second to see my dog, Toto, paws on the window sill, enjoying the view. “Crazy dog,” I thought, squeezing my

An experience that has greatly influenced my life is my Italian heritage. My parents were married two months after they met, which was unusual for people to do. Soon afterwards, they decided to move to America, which they thought was

I specifically remember the winter day when I was fourteen and received a brochure in the mail for the local Catholic high school, Holy Family. I gave one look at it, laughed, and threw it away. It’s amusing to me

Family Makes it All Better I woke up in the middle of the night in my room. I had a bad stomach ache. It was a sharp pain in the center of my stomach. I wasn’t really sure what to

i never thought much about ny family except that i truly love them. it wasnt until recently that i started to find them very flawed in thier behavior. lieing,hurting,and never forgiving. my family is a gruop of artist, with no

Child Parent by A. V., Old Orchard Beach, ME I’ve become a 17-year-old mother of two boys. I didn’t give birth to them or supply them with names yet now they’re mine, and I have no choice whether I want

Grandfather by P. Z., Marblehead, MA “You never know how many people like you, till you’re dead,” prophetically states Curly in the Broadway musical, Oklahoma! In my recent experience, I found the reverse to also be true. Recently, my family

Utter chaos and mayhem hardly describe the fights that my mom and I endure from each other on a weekly basis. For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have continuously engaged in fights. The root cause

I am Mexican, so that obviously means that I have a big family, but missing one person does effect the family greatly. Before my mother even had kids or got married, her older sister died from cancer at a very

I laid motionless, but my brain was spinning. I felt as though at any moment the top bunk would come crashing down and squish me. I stared up in amazement, happy with every breath I took. The view from my

When I was a little kid, my parents took me to my father’s hometown, JiangDu, to attend my grandmother’s funeral. I lived in the modern city of Shenzhen almost all my life, and I did not know what to expect

Any person, average or unusual, who obtains the unfortunate blessing of having siblings most likely acknowledges the complexity of American family dynamics that are attached among them. In general, families are anything but easily comprehended in one’s mind. Because of

“HAPPY SEVENTY-THIRD BIRTHDAY, POP,” I excitingly exclaimed over the dinner table on January 9, 2007. With his big belly, shiny bald head, and eyes as blue as the sea, Pop simply smiled and said, “I never thought I would live

Seven a.m. Punched in. Just another day at the office. But it’s different for me. When I go to work, my history follows me. I’m not the first Bostrom to step through those doors, and I probably won’t be the

It’s safe to say that each individual country loves their military and how they defend the citizens and each other from universal threats that may appear, but some people love them more than others, especially children. There are thousands of

Everything started when Nazi’s took over in Amsterdam and taking the Jewish away. The Frank’s and the Van Daan’s were in great danger at the time. In the Frank family there is Mr. Frank, Mrs. Frank, Margot, and Anne. In

I was beaten as a child. I was raped and put into foster care. i have been hurt. everyone i ever loved died or was ripped from my hands. Love is what i fear. Love is what matters the most.

“Family isn’t an important thing, it’s everything.” Michael J. Fox, a well-known actor quotes. All children inherit some things from their parents, may it be shape of the nose or blue eyes; I inherited few more qualities than those. I

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