This paper outlines the effects of mainstreaming deaf children. It considers the effects on child, parent, teacher and classroom. This paper addresses the impact of mainstreaming deaf children. It sights links between family and child as well as links between

Examines support groups for surviving brothers & sisters. Looks at special needs, techniques, therapy, examples and age factors. Sibling bereavement support groups have formed to help assist bereaved siblings adjust to family losses. The loss of a brother or sister,

This paper looks at women’s personal hopes and desires and how they often conflict with her perceived role as a wife and mother as seen through literature. This paper is a comparison of how social constraints affect women and their

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This paper argues that pornography has a terribly negative affect on men’s view of women and women’s psyche. This paper argues that pornography has a terribly negative affect on men’s view of women and women’s psyche. Pornography is not only

This paper is a critical analysis of the poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet. It includes a couplet by couplet analysis which discusses the themes in the poem and a brief biography of the poet. This

An examination of the impact television has had on youth violence. In this paper, the author uses various examples to demonstrate the impact television has had on youth violence. The author discusses the problems associated with television viewing, identifies violence

Discusses development of the child in stages from birth to 8 years. This paper combines research and theory on a number of relevant topics on children’s play and highlights the implications for practical application in Early Childhood Education focusing on

Examination of the effects exposure to domestic violence has on children. This paper presents a detailed examination of the prevalence and adverse effects of child exposure to domestic violence. The author looks at the potential risks that expose children to

Compares works on causes & meaning of radical changes in home & male-female relations in England, 1500-1800. Lawrence Stone, in The Family, Sex, and Marriage in England, 1500-1800, argues that the causes of radical changes in the home and in

This paper presents a theoretical discussion about who killed the King of Macedonia, Philip II. This six-page paper presents a theoretical discussion about who killed the King of Macedonia, Philip II. The writer moves to explore an idea and theory

An exploration of the importance of family as it applies to family structure, land ownership, farming and gender roles. The following paper discusses the book of two authors Carol Meyers and Joseph Blenkinsopp who attempt to demonstrate the importance of

Theory & practice, humanistic techniques, patient-therapist relationship, interventions, role of family and effectiveness. ABSTRACT This paper examines existential therapy for victims of childhood sexual abuse. The paper begins with a brief report on the incidence and effects of childhood sexual

Looks at the pros and cons of human cloning. This paper discusses recent developments and arguments in the human cell cloning debate. The author examines the anti-cloning argument, and then shifts to pro-cloning. The paper includes sources such as the

An in-depth look at the lives of the children in Mott Haven, in the South Bronx as seen by Jonathon Kozol. In this paper the author begins by making a direct comparison to the American Hymn, Amazing Grace, and Jonathan

A summary of the article by Susan Dwyer Amussen “The Family and the Household” which describes family life during the Elizabethan era. The paper explains Dwyer’s comments that the modern audience of Shakespearean drama may not understand the true nature

With much reference to Greene’s The Explosive Child the author explores rage disorders experienced by children. In this paper the author looks at various explosive disorders suffered by children and the symptoms that they demonstrate. In particular the author looks

A look at an educational theory known as “Invitational Theory” and its implications. This paper examines an alternative educational theory known as the “Invitational Theory”. By shifting the emphasis from the needs of government, business and the educational institutions to

A research proposal on the topic of child sexual abuse. This paper discusses sexual molestation of children. It provides a review of pertinent literature and quotes statistics relating to sexual offenders and victims. The paper outlines a proposal for a

An in-depth look at the Peter Brook production of the “Mahabharata”. This paper is on the Peter Brook production of the “Mahabharata”, the Indian epic. The author contends that the process of de-contextualization of characters, plot elements and pieces of

Incidence, economic & sociocultural factors, role of media, laws & shelters and fear of reporting. Minorities and Family Violence Since the time of the American Revolution, violence has been a part of the history and tradition of the United States

Case study of “Maryland v. Craig” & the ruling that children can testify out of the defendant’s presence. [excerpt]

A discussion on the life, achievements and research of Peter Debye, winner of ‘The Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry 1936. The following paper discusses what Peter Debye was awarded the Nobel Prize for and lists the other awards he received throughout

The nuclear family is defined, its decline is discussed, and social stratification is also examined. This paper defines the nuclear family and discusses its role within society. The author also discusses how the breakdown of the nuclear family is blamed

A discussion of two main causes of behavioral disorders in children – child development and biology. Research into these behavioral disorders suggests that brain chemistry and genetics are responsible for predisposition to the conditions, with environmental aspects also a factor.

Critical review of biography arguing 17th Cent.-18th Cent. leader laid political, cultural & military groundwork for creation of modern Russia. B.H. Sumner, in Peter the Great and the Emergence of Russia, makes the basic argument that the efforts and leadership

Examines psychologist’s personality theory & applies it to parent education programs & research into disruptive behavior. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine current applications of Alfred Adler’s personality theory to child-behavior and child-rearing practices. To provide context,

This is an exegetical paper that explores 1st Peter 3:1-5 and the roles of wives in biblical texts. This paper explains the author?s interpretation of a passage from Peter regarding the role of women as influenced by scholarly, peer reviewed

This paper is a brief examination of the book “My Name Is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok. The following essay briefly describes the story of a mother going mad and a boy who tries to release his pain , fear

An analysis of the book “The Streets” by African-American author Ann Petry. The paper analyzes the central themes of Ann Petry’s book, The Streets written in 1946 about racism and ghetto life in Harlem. The paper also discusses the theme

This paper looks at the stages of a child’s development as seen through Freud’s work. This paper looks at the stages of a child’s development as seen through Freud’s work. The different stages of development are briefly discussed including; oral,

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