The Protomen is an indie, progressive rock band stationed in Nashville, Tennessee. Criminally obscure, they give their all to every show they play and show a massive amount of talent in each song they create. They released their sophomore album,

The Ethnographers- an Indie-Rock band- have written some of the most poetic songs I have ever had the pleasure to listen to, including ”Grandfather Said”. In this soothing and melodious mix of music and voice, the singers tell the story

O n paper, it would be easy to write off Sadistik as another one of those pretentious “spiritual lyrical miracle” type rappers. Features from several indie pop artists, multisyllabic rhyme schemes with a lot of big words, a rapping style

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The song “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son” (written by the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens, Kellin Quinn) has a strong theme of abandonment and corrupt families. The band is known for its relatable emo-stylistic lyrics and aggressive music. This

The long-awaited release of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s second album, “Doggfather,” is Snoop’s second bass jumping record. There has been great controversy over his producer at his record company, Death Row. Also, Snoop’s colleague and best friend, 2Pac Shakur, was shot

The Saturday night air blows through the field, the cold breeze just grazing across my face. Chills jolt down my spine, raising the hair on my arms as the crowd continues to cheer. A voice is heard over the loud

I glance at my alarm clock; its four in the morning. Will somebody tell my “father” he has children trying to rest? Bottles and beer cans clanking throughout the night, smoke rising from the space beneath my door and my

I wish I could remember the exact day my family changed forever. I wish I could remember the emotions that I felt in my 5 year old mind when my parents told me that my father would be traveling to

Of all the things I inherited from my father (a passion for the eighties, a deep appreciation of garlic, the knowledge to pop perfect stovetop popcorn), his most influential gift came as a shock. I never imagined that my large,

When my father died I felt apart of me die with him, because I knew I would never see him again. Ever since that day my life has never been the same. November 9,2001 was the end, but also a

“Don’t get your hopes up, he may not show up.”, quoting my mom about fifty or more times about my dad not showing up to pick my brother, sister, and me up for the weekend. My mom and dad got

Affectionate. Humble. Resilient. I somehow believe that these three words can craft a man like Superman, not literally as a hero but someone you can idolize and be proud of. But where in this world I can find him? Is

Step by step I inch my way up the beautiful marble stairs of Grand Central Station, becoming closer and closer to my favorite place; the concrete jungle, better known as New York City. I can’t help but to fantasize about

At age 16, he sat beneath the street light to study until exhaustion kicked in. Sometimes, if he was lucky, the high school guard would let him sneak into the empty corridors to escape the cold. Other nights, the guard

“They are just one for five this afternoon on third down, passing is the better decision for this play.” The commentators usually make my dad scream at the television. At my house when watching football, my dad analyzes the game

My father was born and grew up in Mexico, he made it to the eighth grade before my grandpa took him out of school to work and make money for the family. My dad always tells me he liked school,

On December 26, 2005, my father attempted a fifth suicide that killed him. In the years since, his death has shaped my life significantly. My father was born premature and doctors believe that his bones never developed fully. He had

I had begun so many drafts of this essay that the carpet around my desk looked like a recycling center. I thought an essay about my leadership might somehow impress you. In another attempt, I hoped my sincerity and compassion

The warmth of tears streaming down my face was almost comforting, butthe news that I had received surely was not. I never expected to have my life to be turned upside down with one bit of crucial information. Not once

Two of our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had two completely different viewpoints on how the United States should run. Their ideas on subjects such as, foreign policies, economics, structure of government, and who should govern, opposed from

An expedition brought Father Sera to San Diego Bay to build his first Mission. His second Mission was in Monterey Bay. It was called Mission Carmela. He built seven more mission and took the Indians In. In 1784 Father Sera

Love by Doris Seekers Goodwin the carefree bond between a father and a daughter is made through the game of baseball, which accompanies her throughout the entire cycle of life. Goodwin states, ‘the game of baseball has always been linked

If you had the opportunity to talk to the Founding Fathers what would you ask them? If had the chance I would discuss three things with the Founding Fathers I would ask about how their political experience was, religion, and

Troy Manson is a father who has a hard time connecting with his sons. Like most parents, he only wants the best for them, and for them to not repeat the same mistakes he made. Troy Manson refuses to open

There is a lot to say of how much I appreciate you. You’ve done so much for me. Every step of the way, you have supported me. From kindergarten to even today you have never given up on me. I

Thomas Jefferson were contemporaries, their views, backgrounds and modes of influence were very different. Benjamin Franklin was born of a large and poor family and rose to become a model of the emerging bourgeois classes In the American Colonies. Throughout

Though they appear briefly or not at all in Oedipus the King, Oedipus’ father figures play very important roles in Oedipus’ life. Laius, Polybus, and the shepherds may be considered Oedipus’ father figures. Each of these characters could have kept

Robert Morris, Jr. a Founding Father of the United States, was a Liverpool-born American merchant who financed the American Revolution, oversaw the striking of the first coins of the United States, and signed the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of

He was born In Norfolk, England and Immigrated to the Brutish colonies amidst the revolution In 1774. Amongst his stay In the American Colonies, Thomas Paine quickly realized the desperate situation the colonies were In. Using his skills as a

Critiquing Reality-Based Television: Black Fatherhood Black male rappers are not usually shown as fathers, but many of these men have family lives that are rarely talked about. They are more prone to stereotypes of gangsters and murders, but the article

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