Upon the birth of Avenged Sevenfold, there wasn’t too much argument about what genre they were. There was heavy guitar and drums, angry screaming and lyrics that seemed either too poignant to be written by fresh-out-of-high school boys or just

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber. I refuse to be associated with his teeny-bopper music. I do not understand why, at the mention of his name, millions of tween and teen girls

Regina Spektor’s latest album is a homage to older times, while memorizing the present in all its glory. Remember us indeed. Over every song in the album, Spektor’s voice glides, speculating, reminiscing. There’s less of the quirky cavalier that characterizes

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The American Rock Music Band, Pearl Jam, which was formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington, released their song “Jeremy” in 1992 from their debut album called Ten. The lyrics were written by leader singer/vocalist Eddie Vedder with the music having

When someone thinks of poetry a few images might cross their minds; old books, sonnets, and depressed dead writers. Though the new age of independent music produces a new poetry for the modern youth, a poetry that is carefully embedded

Escape the fate review Escape the Fate is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada formed in 2004. Since forming, they have released three EPs and three full-length studio albums. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion was the band’s debut

Months before the release of “American Doll Posse,” Tori Amos’s ninth studio album, she described it as an opportunity to showcase her “warrior woman” persona. After years of radio-friendly singles with mature but easy-to-grasp lyrics, fans were more than ready

Many have attempted concept albums throughout the years, but very few have done as well as Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche. The album was released in 1988 as the follow up to Rage for Order. The album starts out in a

Lupe Fiasco’s ‘The Cool’ album was released in November 2007, and was a huge success. It was number one on the billboard charts for best rap record for 9 straight weeks. Songs like ‘Paris, Tokyo’ and ‘Superstar’ bring a unique

Black Veil Brides. Bieber fans look away now. Metal heads, get your horns at thee ready. The Hollywood band brought The States to Exeter Lemon Grove on October 7the 2011 . The band is sometheing of a ‘marmite’ band- you

By the time we reached the parking lot, I could barely contain myself. I was soexcited to see my favorite band for the first time. The lights dimmed andHoobastank opened the concert, lead singer Doug Robb screaming, “Are youready, Philadelphia?”

Us by Peter Gabriel is one of the most emotionally stirring albums I have ever heard, and my favorite of Gabriel’s. Us is an entire album of human emotions, held together by a common theme- that of relationships, be it

Big reputations, big reputations, ooh you and me we’ve got big reputations, Taylor Swift croons, in the album’s second track “End Game,” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future. She makes a game-changing move to confront the press’s extrapolation of her love

“Vice Verses” is all about polar opposites. From the album opener, “Afterlife,” to the poetic “Restless,” from the old school rock feel of “Original,” to the slightly reggae “Blinding Light,” this album is a mix of styles and lyrical messages.

The Bad Plus is a revolution in neo rock/jazz and one Sunday in September, they performed phenomenally. Very few bands share their sound and allure. While it is questionable whether they are a traditional jazz trio, there is no doubt

Asbury Park, New Jersey is a beach community past its prime. The Stone Pony is the only living monument on a desolate strip of beach lined with the empty shells of pastel-colored hotels. It was in this legendary Stone Pony

This self-titled album is Sonicflood’s 1999 debut, andsince then the band has influenced the world with their Christian music. Thisain’t old-school worship, though! The 12 tracks are sung and played witha passion for God. Many churches and youth groups use

Rushing waves devoured my saddened soul, the day they also devoured my home. It was a day to be celebrated. Mothers all around the world would accept gifts, from the heart, from loved ones. A day that would be burned

Humans are born saplings. Vulnerable at first, we begin to grow and branch out. Each person is different; they could be a vibrant spruce or a steadfast sequoia. Together we grow up in communities and with institutions or, in other

Saturday, September 26, it is way beyond words what Metro Manila has gone through in the hands of the recent storm, Ketsana. With the unusual amount of rain that Ketsana brought, it flooded where it never flooded before. Water seeped

The Mississippi River flood of 1927 actually started In the summer of 1926 with heavy rain n the central basin that eventually overtook the levee systems which were ineffective against the flood. According to Wisped, the floods were so bad

“Johnstown flood” is a short narrative written by David McCullough. This narrative negotiations about the marvelous endurance of a small miss named Gertrude. Gertrude’s sheer fortune got her up the hill safely. Of class. with the aid of several people

In my essay, I’m going to prove whether the Johnstown flood was an actual natural disaster or if the people believe it was a sign from God. I will support my thesis with facts from survivors and how they portrayed

Floods are caused by weather phenomena and events that deliver more precipitation to a drainage basin than can be readily absorbed or stored within the basin. Acre-foot. Volume of water required to cover 1 acre of land (43,560 square feet)

Flood is a denial of service attack to which every TCP/IP implementation is vulnerable (to some degree). Each half-open TCP connection made to a machine causes the ‘tcpd’ server to add a record to the data structure that stores information

As natural disasters are inevitable, it is essential that we as humans mitigate the potential outcomes caused by these disasters. This essay will explore the 2011 floods of Brisbane and whether proper planning and preparation could have minimised the outcome.

Most floods take hours or days to develop, giving residents enough time to prepare or evacuate. Others happen quickly and with little warning. These flash floods can be extremely dangerous and cause major damage to the landscape and the habitants

The main difference between floods in MEDCs and LEDCs are the impacts of floods in each place. Very similar floods produce severely worse effects in Ledcs than they do in Medcs. The Boscastle and Bangladesh floods were essentially very similar

In January 2011, the state capital of Queensland, Brisbane, faced the second highest flood since the start of the 20th century. Major flooding occurred throughout the Brisbane River catchment, the Lockyer Creek and Bremer River. Which has now fundamentally impacted

The paper analyzes Medea’s culpability for her crime of murdering her children through a stoic philosophical perspective. This paper is a philosophical evaluation of the story of Medea. The paper argues that this was not a sudden act, and that

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