Most people may not have heard about Halo Friendlies, the all girl pop-punk band from Long Beach, CA. Many members have joined and then left, but that doesn’t mean their music is bad. One of my favorites, Me Vs. The

After purchasing the new Kate Nash album, ‘My Best Friend is You’, I hurried with glee to listen. I hoped that the fascinating and captivating songs that I had grown to love from her first album were just a taster

My favorite TV episode : “Funny Pants” from Season 4 Episode 65b of SpongeBob SquarePants, where Squidward, Spongebob’s cynical neighbor and coworker,falsely informs SpongeBob that if SpongeBob laughs one more time in the next 24 hours, his laugh box will

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It would be impressive to say that my most influential person was Gandhi or Mother Teresa. I could write a horrific, yet striking essay about Adolf Hitler’s leadership skills. I could tell you that my life was changed by the

Everyone has a best friend in which they tell anything and everything to. No one’s best friend is quite like mine her name is April. We practically do everything together from playing tennis to talking on the phone or computer

He crawled out of his cage with every ounce of strength left onto the cold white floor. He had waited all day for our arrival. No tubes or wires were going to hold him back. This was my first time

“A Story about my best friend” I’m writing this because my best friend is a lot to me.I wouldn’t trade anyone to take his place.His name is Harrison.I knew him since seventh grade.He is the best person i ever met

Before she left, She was just my sister Aperson I disliked every other day. Before she left, There were alwaystensions between us There was jealousy and fights. Before she left, Shemisplaced my things CDs she borrowed got lost. Before she

One of the most peaceful times in a four-year-old’s life, as well as their parents, includes nap time. My parents always made sure that my sister, Kelly, and I had a sufficient amount of sleep during the day. Once we

“If you were arrested for being a Christian, would you be convicted?” I was struck by this quote when I first heard it, as was Jimmy Carter. Carter would have been convicted. He was a devout Christian. His devotion to

“I believe that friends can bring you down, just as much as you hoped they wouldn’t.” I’m almost a 15 year old teenage girl just wanting to be able to make old things better and throw all the feelings away

One day at Westwood Elementary School in a second grade class, I was sitting in the back of the room in Mrs. Ulrich’s classroom just doing my phonics classwork. I was 8 years, had long hair, was light-skinned and was

Whenever I hear the question, “Do you like your brother being in college?” I know I need to give my usual response: a light chuckle and the overused joke, “Of course, I have all the food to myself now!” Whoever

I was only seven months old when I took my first plane ride. In order to raise their first child in the best environment possible, my parents moved to Germany, where a favorable exchange rate and job opportunities for English

Over the years I have gone through many changes. Some of those changes consist of physical (such as my height and appearance) and even personality changes. I have noticed that over the years I have become more outgoing and confident

It had been a long time since I had seen that battered little book. Created from loose leaf paper and bound by staples, the book pokes out from among the mountain of papers. The title is scrawled across the blue

Modern society is packed with cutting-edge technology such as new communication devices. Due to such convenient apparatus, it is often said that people are brought closer and amicable than ever before. However, I believe that modern relationship is becoming more

When I look back at all my memories, as far back as I can remember, there is a constant theme in every single one of them. Whether it’s a memory of a sporting event, a fun time with my family,

“Hi Nora! How are you today?” I ask, closing the door softly behind me while balancing the breakfast tray on my hip. I set the tray down and sit in the metal chair I have designated as my own in

Through the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly my friend Dante has been my succor. He has offered me solace and guidance through my years in high school and always gave me the encouragement I needed to reach

The idea for this business project is a coffee shop named Friends’ Coffee. The concept of this place is unique and includes monthly activities, games, various benefits and discounts for the clients along with the cozy, friendly atmosphere and tasty

Most fans of the show Grey’s Anatomy are familiar with the phrase, “You are my person.” Meredith Grey uses this phrase to describe her friendship with Christina Yang. When you call someone your person, you are describing them as the

Friends! Throughout your life you have and need them, but as a teenager, they’re the most important thing there is. “Melissa, this is Amy. Amy, Melissa,” my friend introduced us. Amy had bleached blonde hair, slickly pulled back in a

Throughout the 17 years I have been on this earth, I have encountered many amazing friends, each of whom has influenced me in some way. The friend whom I love and cherish most, though, is not even a human being,

I am a literature nerd – we’re like math geeks but without the lucrative career options. I collect books like North Korea collects nuclear weapons, like the United States collects debt, like Tiger Woods collects women. I am the bookworm

I picked up the phone, slowly dialing the number to her house. All I could think was, What could we possibly have a conversation about? Nothing! I didn’t think I could have anything in common with someone who is 50

If friendship is calculable some might say that by adding an abundance of acquaintances, multiplying a few merry memories, and subtracting some silly squabbles the result would equate to a perfect relationship. I, however, believe that friendship can be measured

A best friend is someone who is there for you. My Nana was my best friend, but she died this summer on Friday, July thirteenth. Losing someone close to you is extremely hard, especially when they live with you and

My shrill, pea-less Fox-40 whistle rents the humid August air as I call for a safety break. Patrons in the pool grumble audibly as they grudgingly vacate their summer oasis against the sweltering Texas heat. As I head towards the

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