Looks at the relationships between men and women in two of Zora Neale Hurston’s short stories Sweat and The Gilded Six-Bits. This paper examines the works of Zora Neale Hurston, who wrote about the relations between men and women and

A study of the on-going problem of gender issues in the educational systems. This paper describes the various aspects of gender equality in the classroom. The writer acknowledges that while a great deal of progress has been made in the

This paper examines research supporting the hypothesis that boys an girls have different attitudes and reactions toward television violence. The following paper examines the link between gender stereotypes and the difference in attitudes towards television is demonstrated. The history of

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An in-depth discussion of “Written on the Body” and the journey of self-discovery made through the metaphors of desire and disease. In this paper the author examines how Winterson addresses the issues of boundaries and desire. The author specifically looks

Examines relationship between race (black vs. white), gender (female-headed households) & poverty rates. History since 1960, statistics, unemployment, earnings, welfare. This paper will discuss the disparity in poverty rates between blacks and whites, focusing upon the issue of female-headed households.

A study of how the different sexes express emotion. This paper examines the gender differences of the two sexes and the conceptual paradigm that rules them. It describes marked difference in the emotional expression of men and women and the

An evaluation of a recent paper published in the journal “Women’s Studies International Forum, published by Regina Scheyvens and Helen Leslie entitled Gender, Ethics and Empowerment: Dilemmas of Development Fieldwork. This essay is an evaluation of a recent paper published

An exploration of gender inequality in American schools. This paper investigates the claim that girls are discriminated against within the American education system. The paper begins with a definition of key terms and a review of the research on gender

A study of four books where the trauma of the women characters are explored. The paper explores four books which are linked by the trauma of the women characters – “The Bluest Eyes” (Toni Morrison), “Jasmine”, (Bharati Mukherjee) “Bastard Out

A look at gender roles in Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums and A Gentleman and a Consumer by Diane Barthel. A comparative analysis of the views of the female gender role as seen in the character Elisa Allen from The Chrysanthemums, by

This paper presents a detailed examination of the way culture affects a woman’s image. Several readings are used to illustrate how culture impacts a woman’s image and determines their place in their culture. In addition, this paper compares and contrasts

A critical evaluation of two sociolinguistic studies which demonstrate the Difference and Dominance positions regarding the differences in female and male language usage. This paper discusses the two contrasting theories regarding gender differences in speech: the Dominance approach and the

This paper compares gender asymmetry in the Bible and in a 16th-century engraving. This paper compares engraver Albrecht Durer?s 16th-century visual representation of Adam and Eve as an example of of gender roles in the Bible with the text of

Analzyes biases, injustices, myths, history & reform of system, focusing on welfare mothers & absentee fathers, public opinion, economics and child-rearing. The Paradox of Welfare: Policy in Unresolved Conflict with Gender One fourth of all children in America currently live

A discussion of three art works and how gender issues, most notably feminism and representations of women, can be seen through art. Artistic representations, depending on how they are read, often reveal through their texts ideas about sexuality and/or gender.

This paper is an anthropological study of gendered sex roles in several cultures. This paper examines the roles of males and females in several cultures. The author focuses primarily on the interaction between the genders in terms of sex, marriage,

This paper examines the problems of masculinity in society and how to reform. This paper looks at the problems that arise from a male’s sense of extreme masculinity. The author discusses how society influences male behavior, and how people need

A discussion on how the culture play a role in women’s development This essay presents a detailed examination of the way culture affects a woman’s image. The writer uses several readings to illustrate how culture impacts a woman’s image and

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