If you only thought you could get a close look into the life of pop star Jessica Simpson by watching her and her husband, Nick Lachey, on their hit series “Newlyweds,” then you obviously have not listened to her latest

With the release of their new album, “Fever”, Bullet for my Valentine has been rising to the top. They have always been known to be crowd pleasers and this time is no exception. They have had many changes with this

The Strokes, a scruffy quintet ofManhattan rockers between the ages of 21 and 23, released its most recent andexceptional album last October. The five are childhood friends who have succeededin creating great rock and roll music. With four of the

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When one turns on the radio they are hit with a barrage of bubblegum pop and sappy love songs. There are very few songs these days which manage to realistically portray human emotions without going overboard on senseless fluff. In

Yeah Yeah Yeahs may well be one of the best garage rock bands today,consisting of vocalist Karen Orzalek, Brian Chase on drums and Nick Zinner on guitar. While rockpurists may bemoan the lack of a bassist, once you hear the

This past November I attended the 311, Sugar Ray concert. It took place at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania. The first to play was a relatively unknown band, Incubus. They are from California and played a type

The Dropkick Murphys, a band which combines punk music with Celtic folk, and Boston culture, have recently released their ninth studio album, 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory; their first album since 2013’s Signed and sealed in blood. The

You may have heard their songs “An Honest Mistake”,or “Believe”. If you have heard anything off of their previous albums then you know their 80’s punk rock meets modern rock style. They perfect this style even more on “Stir the

Bang Your Head Quiet Riot is an american heavy metal band from the 1980’s best known for their top songs “Metal Health” and “Cum on Feel the Noize”. The album “Metal Health” features both of the tracks previously mentioned, along

Like the title suggests, Night Visions by Imagine Dragons is a series of songs created at night. From prowling nighttime ballads, uncertain dusk, to the crisp rise of day, that progression is continued from the band’s Continued Silence EP. It

Launching off the biggest part in his career, Trey Songz has released is fourth album, “Passion, Pain, and Pleasure”, following immediately after his “Ready” album in 2009. Trey has taken the new album on to the next level. Keeping it

Concrete Blonde – “Bloodletting” and “Walking in London” Concrete Blonde, until about a month ago, was one of those groups I had never heard of, but had heard songs that they had sung without realizing it. However, after seeing the

Recently my brother bought the original movie soundtrack of “Saturday Night Fever.” This CD is filled with great classic disco music like “Disco Inferno” by the Trammps, “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy, “Stayin’ Alive” and “Jive Talkin'” by

I never realized how much I valued vision until I went to New York City a few years ago. It was autumn and an impeccable day to be in the city. Central Park was chockfull of burnt oranges, smooth yellows,

From pre-school until 7th grade, I was the man in black. I was horrified by the idea of jeans; I couldn’t even do a sit up in gym class without keeping the studs on my back pockets from digging into

Growing up in Orange County, I was always surrounded by the same type of people: white. Being of Mexican-American and Guatemalan descent, I was constantly aware of my difference in ethnicity from others around me, even when others overlooked it.

I start to fall. I hear the screaming of the crowd to the right of me. I start to move faster and faster and am beating the cars to both sides of me. Then, the steep part of the hill

When I was little, most of my life was carefree. I had nothing to worry about. I had no responsibilities and I had this vision in my head that everything was always perfect. Since I was born, my grandma’s health

When I was four years old I broke my elbow. After numerous weeks with a cast on I returned to the hospital to finally have it removed. My mother found it odd that I was so enthusiastic about returning to

It must have been at least four years ago when I stumbled out of the church sanctuary and into the quaint, sunlit, foyer. The pastor was a brilliant man but at my age, his messages seemed to pass right overhead.

I am a modern medical marvel. Since birth, I have been afflicted with hyperacquirosis syndrome; a permanent state of an insatiable thirst for knowledge. While there is no cure, I’ve discovered that school and reading do ease the eagerness to

Paintball is my favorite thing to do in my spare because it never gets old and is always fun. Paintball is the ultimate version of laser tag and capture the flag. It may not be the right sport for all

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,” is an old adage. However, life’s lemons are often cleverly disguised until it is too late, and they have squeezed themselves into your eyes. My first bitter lemon was delivered to me

One in five children and adolescents have some debilitating mental illness in their lifetime (Educators & Providers). Some would say that is a shocking number, but what is even more shocking is the fact that almost two-thirds of children are

I have spent a good part of my time as any high school student has contemplating what my future holds. Ultimately, I know the choice is up to me, which is why I’ve decided over everything else, I would like

Boy meets girl. Girl silently pleads for a ride home. Boy comes to the rescue. They find out they live three blocks away from each other. And then they become friends. This is the story of a senior and a

It is a four-layered cake garnished with vines of forest green climbing their way up and around orange, pink, red and purple Gerber daisies. The delicious butter cream frosting hides a delicate cake of perfect whiteness surrounded by strawberry filling.

I am too young. I am too immature. I am just not smart enough. I have heard all these phrases before. When my parents and I relocated to America as political refugees, my parents each found menial, physical labor jobs

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia or memory loss, which is caused by the death of the brain cells that usually occurs gradually, during some time. There are many causes of Alzheimer’s disorder, and the main risk factor here

Washington DC—During an impromptu restroom meeting, top Lawmakers discussed on Monday the future of healthcare under the Trump Administration. One of the most groundbreaking elements of the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) is the mandate for comprehensive health care coverage

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