“My Paper Heart” is the 2008, blockbuster release from Christian singer/songwriter Francesca Battistelli. “Free to be Me” starts off this album with an easy-to-listen-to beat that’s extremely uplifting. “I’m Letting Go” picks up where the last song left off in

After The Family Jewels cemented her place in the world of Alternative-style music, Marina and the Diamonds (aka singer Marina Diamandis) returned in 2012 with an album that’s more flesh than bone. It all centers around the elusive identity of

Owen Pallett, formerly known as Final Fantasy, has created an entire world where he narrates an epic tale of philosophy in this album. It tells the story of Lewis, a farmer from birth, who comes to worship a god named

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Although Kings At Heart’s self-titled album was released in 2012, it is one album that needs to be shared with everyone. The Australian band Kings At Heart isn’t just a regular melodic hardcore band. They have a sound all their

The performance starts off with Janet singing on stage by herself in what looks like a ridiculously long skirt. Moments later, the skirt falls down and she is in a kick-ass full-body suit. Dancers join her on stage as she

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are back with their thirteenth studio album, cryptically titled “Hypnotic Eye.” Through his music, we get the sense that Petty is in fact one of us – a simple man with whom we could share

It all began before I was born. Dad would play the Beatles around Mum when she was pregnant. Dad would say, “You have to start early in life to appreciate good music, otherwise – God help you – you may

The year was 2010, a contestant’s performance on “Jars Of Hearts” on the stage of So You Think You Can Dance got millions to Google Perri and it finally got her a deal with Atlantic Records. Her debut Lovestrong was

One of the most talented singers the country music industry has seen in a long time, Carrie Underwood has an incredible voice and a distinctive personality. Her debut album, “Some Hearts,” garnered $3.8 million in U.S. sales, and her first

I decided to stray away from my massive load of Heavy metal and go way back to the late 60’s. Sgt. Pepper is one of my personal favorites by the Beatles. This is argueable the most experimental album from these

When you think of Sara Bareilles, the 2007 pop-album “Little Voice” probably comes to mind. The “Love Song” princess met the release of her sophomore album, “Kaleidoscope Heart”, with monumental expectations from her yearning fans. Bareilles admits that, as she

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rolled into Noblesville,Indiana last night to play at the Klipsch Music Center and what a night it was. It was one I certainly won’t forget for years to come. Petty first rose to prominence in

I was listening to Demi Lovato’s Saturday night live performance and heard this brilliant, ethereal melody pumping through my laptop’s speakers. The song I heard “Stone Cold” and “Lionheart” both represent the evolution of her character. Both songs show Lovato’s

“OH MY GOD. You look just like Shakira!” These are often the first words sung from my mouth when I see a certain friend of mine in the morning. Followed immediately by, “No, no, you’re Catherine Zeta?” and then her

I’ve always been a fan of alternative and scene music, including bands like Pierce the Veil, Underminded, Chiodos, and Emarosa. So when I heard that members from each of these groups were teaming up to create Isles & Glaciers, I

Rixton is a brand -new boy band who has become very popular internationally in just a few short years. Consisting of Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin, and Lewis Morgan, Rixton, who was formerly titled Relics, emerged from the populous

“Through others, we become ourselves.” That’s what Marina and the Diamonds aims to convey in her second album, “Electra Heart.” The Welsh singer (whose real name is Marina Diamandis) has created the story of a “perfect” fictional girl named Electra

I bet there are many of you teens out there who watch So You Think You Can Dance. If you don’t watch this quite entertaining show, here’s a little snippit. It’s a competition show, much like American Idol, where contestants

Beating Heart Baby/by Head Automatica I’m outrageously in love with this song and band. I more then recommend it as the best song ever. It’s so unpredictable I cant stop singing to it, as well listing to it. Once I

With lyrics focusing on love and heartache, Kanye West’s latest album “808s and Heartbreak” shocked many. When he traded his flashy hip-hop attire for a gray plaid suit, it was clear this new album would be nothing like his first

When the Kings of Leon emerged into the rock/ indie scene, eyebrows were raised so high they nearly reached the top of one’s head. What an entrance they made, with “Youth & Young Manhood,” following the ice-breaking single “Red Morning

After falling in love with this band after hearing their self titled album early last year, I was very excited to hear more from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart since they had only released a 4 song EP

It’s been ten years since All Time Low’s debut album, The Party Scene was released, and boy, does the progress show in their newest record, Future Hearts! The Maryland-based pop-punk quartet has taken a shift since their last album, Don’t

Trekking too close to the path of other successful artists is common with inexperienced bands and is often brushed aside as a novice mistake. However, there comes a point when deliberate imitations become intolerable. Rixton’s debut single, “Me and My

Quitting has a stigma attached to it. It shows that a person is not dedicated, is flaky and unreliable, and most likely has commitment issues. But is that really fair? I don’t think so, because I am one of the

“You’ll never continuously live at home again,” my mother told me over dinner one night. She was right. Home for me had forever changed the moment I came to Culver… Or had it? Well, the truth is no, home had

A Call of Heart The last thing I ever wanted to do was be a teacher. Sure, as a little girl I lined up my dolls and handed out homemade worksheets for them to do, but once I reached middle

For the longest time, I’ve always wanted a cat. My obsession started in second grade when we had to do a research project on a prehistoric animal; I chose the saber-tooth tiger. It was the ferocious snarling face that revealed

‘We can’t wait any longer. We need to pack up shop and get out of here.’ ‘Not without the girl. We don’t know how much Mr. Silverstein told her about us. If we let her go, she could go to

The need for an open mind and welcoming thoughts is great when walking into any type of barn. If one walks into a barn with a mindset that is trapped and fixed, they are only going to notice the things

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