DJ Dieselboy is an unsurpassed drum and bass artist.Dieselboy (aka Damien Higgins), whose last release, “The 6ixthSession,” sold over 80,000 copies to become the best-selling album inelectronic music history, was faced with the challenge of afollow-up. With this year’s “projectHUMAN,”

Cattle Decapitation is an American grindcore band that have been around for quite awhile, although this album here is their breakout album to many people. Originally consisting of four dedicated vegetarians now they have two members that are still from

“Ba ba bam bada ba” replayes in an inescapable rotation of the recorded records by the one and only Jon Bellion in The Human Condition. Jon Bellion has featured in other songs, but the human condition is his first full

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The album “how to be a human being” is the indie band, Glass Animals second album. The album contains eleven songs. The most fascinating part of this album is that each song is about one of the characters pictured on

Civil Twilight is defined as the period when the sun has gone 6 degrees below the horizon, which ensues in the brightest stars being visible in the sky. Just like this brilliant spectacle in the sky, this also perfectly defines

After a slew of successful folk albums, Michaelson returned in 2012 with Human Again. Featuring the same warm voice, the album takes a different route; we can practically feel Michaelson’s soul set on fire. From declarations of war to calls

On Wednesday October 21st, Animals in Human Attire, an experimental indie-folk band from Oconomowoc, played a free concert at the Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc. They played about a half of an hour but did a great job keeping the audience

“Hey, watch where you are going” a classmate instructed me after I had absentmindedly run into him in the hallway. Embarrassed, I whispered “I’m really sorry” a few seconds before I run into another student. After I ensured that I

Fear is Human Nature The dark, hazy reflection of the lake could be a mirror it is so clear. It is cold, but the warm colors of the leaves hug me. The contrast between the colors of the trees and

“Humanitarianism consists of never sacrificing a human being to a purpose.” Albert Schweitzer once said this. This quote mirrors how I see myself as a philanthropist in need of an education. With education I can reach my prosperity by using

He is a detective. He is a hero. He is a mystery solving a mystery. Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is perhaps the most illustrious detective in English literature. His literary presence in my development

Twain satirizes the human tendency to turn tragedy into spectacle by portraying characters who bask in others suffering, reviling societies barbaric nature. By doing this twain makes the reader question not only the big obvious acts of cruelty but also

Both Sides of Humanity A typical spring morning, crisp, cool air. Three girls in the driveway like ducklings in a row, momma behind them in the doorway waving. Three girls anxiously awaiting the arrival of bus 210, lilacs in hand

Pioneer Press writer Chris Niskanen accesses his view on Minnesota’s natural resources on “Having watched Minnesota’s natural resources decline during my lifetime and watched our financial commitments to fix the problem wither, I’m convinced this amendment is the best chance

Billy Joel’s 1985 hit song, ‘You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” may boast an upbeat tempo and a catchy tune, but the message it conveys is much heavier than what the casual listener might perceive its cheerful tune to be expressing.

On June 11, 1776 Thomas Jefferson was in charge of a committee of five brilliant men who introduced the Declaration of Independence to the world. This was a very important message to all people because it was document trying to

Thump! The sound of first shovelful of dirt landing on the coffin abruptly jolts me out of the thoughts. I had been so successful in blocking out the wails of the other mourners and the terrible drone of the priest

If I could be anything other than a human being I would be a Queen’s royal jewel in crested crown. The Queen wouldn’t be the most beautiful thing in the country, I would. As a crown I would never age

Humans have negatively impacted animal wildlife and their habitats. What can we do to bring awareness and help change these devastating effects? Sadly it is estimated that over the next 50 years 30% of United States animal species are at

There it is. The AP Calculus test. It’s sitting right in front of you in its pristine plastic-wrapped packaging, and you can’t wait to tear into it and get started. “You may turn to page one and begin testing,” says

I have chosen to write about a particular piece of literature, Of Human Agony, written by Irene and Carl Horowitz, which has had a profound impact on my life. Irene and Carl Horowitz are my great aunt and uncle on

The fingertips of my reflection are cold, lifelessly cold. I have felt them while skimming my hands along the silvery stagnant surface of my bedroom mirror. I do not know why I repeat this action so often, letting the mirror’s

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was going to a pizzeria on a Friday afternoon. My friend John and I found ourselves in Union Square: John with his slice of pepperoni pizza and me sheepishly leafing through a container of

Bow down to your princess. Those were the silly fancies of a seven-year-old child. Ten years ago I dreamed of talking animals, dolls that could turn alive, and magic. My world revolved around fantasies that oftentimes emerged from the alternate

I am no ordinary child; I am a sleeping beast underneath waiting to wake and change the world as done within this child. I’ve lived a life of honor and morality. I’ve accomplished many things and pursue a career in

In a building the human comfort is affected by the built-up environment and its design, the lighting, the temperature and the sound levels. If one of these aspects is permanently higher or lower than its acceptable value, the people might

The human body is a complex, highly organized structure made up of unique cells that work together to accomplish the specific functions necessary for sustaining life. Our bodies consist of a number of biological systems that are vital to our

“Women’s rights are Human rights” by Hilary Clintons, took a place on September 5,1995. Clinton gave a speech at the United Fourth World Conference for women’s equality, located in Beijing, China. There is over 150 government and over 4500 representatives

The Relationship between Human Character on the Surface and the Inner CharacterIntroductionJoseph Conrad is the author of “Heart of Darkness,” the book that features most of two main characters. The book addresses the issue of moving from light into the

When news came out that Matt Walst of My Darkest Days and the brother of Three Days Grace’s bass guitarist, Brad Walst, will be the new vocalist, everyone expected it won’t be as good as Adam Gontier being in it.

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