This paper is an in-depth look at Islamic law and how it frequently comes into conflict with international law and human rights. This paper is a detailed discussion of Islamic criminal law, its sources, its application, and its conflict with

Explores survival of individual humanity & group identity in three works on minority repression: John Blassingame’s [The Slave Community], Barbara Myerhoff’s [Number Our Days] & Frank Waters’ [The Man Who Killed the Deer]. Rodolfo Byers, the white trader in the

Takes a look at how Dante and Boccaccio make opposing arguments on the issue of divine justice versus human nature. This paper demonstrates Dante’s and Boccaccio’s opposing views concerning whether the importance of God’s divine justice outweighs the innate human

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This paper presents a detailed report about the development of a strategic human resource model to be used for the company DECO. The paper explains the importance of the human resource department for a business by detailing the role that

A study of Microsoft’s successful human resource management. This paper focuses on Microsoft’s employee management methods including how they recruit and retain their staff. It presents information on the human resource practices at Microsoft by describing why they are effective.

History, services, financial & market profile, outlook for managed health care company. History Humana Corporation is a publicly held company offering managed health care products which integrate management with the delivery of health care services through a network of providers

This is an examination of possible human error at work and the consequences. The author discusses various safety precautions such as safety procedures and training for personnel and the possible accidents that can occur if these are to be ignored.

A detailed look at the early hominids and their lifestyles. This paper examines the early hominids and aspects of their culture. The author identifies the early hominids and examine the morphological and archaeological evidence for and against human culture in

Examination of human memory and how it functions. This paper explains how the human memory works and includes detailed information about the complexity and the exact organs of the brain and how these organs affect memory. Included are the differences

This paper discusses the problems related to the human cloning process. This paper provides a look at human cloning, and examines the discrimination dimension of the cloning process. The author discusses the pros and cons of cloning, religious opposition, and

A comparison between the practice of human rights in Cuba and the U.S. A comparison of the stature of human rights in Cuba and in the United States. The author contrasts between the legacy of communism that is evident in

This paper discusses the issue of human resource management in the 21st Century while also providing a history of this practice. This paper traces the history of human resource management leading to the modern day. It examines the difficulties and

This paper review Voltaire’s Candide and discusses human nature, utopia and organized religions. This paper discusses the land Eldorado that Voltaire has created in the novel Candide and how this utopia differs from others such as Francis Bacon. Voltaire gives

An examination of this complex organ that regulates every aspect of human life and behavior. The author examines the different ways in which the structure of the brain has been conceived, and looks at some of the areas of the

Evolution of United Nation’s involvement in global human rights. Interventions, aid, military presence, leadership, obstacles.The United Nations deals with human rights questions either through the use of preventive diplomacy and public pressure or, more rarely, through direct intervention (Boutros-Ghali 912).

A look at the history of human cloning, its recent development and attitudes towards the phenomenon. An in-depth look at aspects of human cloning. The author outlines some major points about the ethics, myths and process of human cloning. Included

This paper looks at the U.S. Human Genome Project and the impact that it might have on the individual. This paper analyzes the U.S. Human Genome Project and how this technology might effect the individual in the future. It looks

A paper on the negative effects our civilization is having on the native Wetlands. This paper is on the Wetlands and the effects civilization is having on them. The author contends that there exists a need for action, through the

An argumentative paper on the ethics and benefits of human cloning. This paper discusses the history, background and the complicated ethics regarding human cloning. The author looks at the science of cloning, pros and cons of cloning and argues that

This paper discusses human resource (employees, personnel) management at FedEx, the package delivery company. The author states that FedEx is know for their human resource management systems. The paper defines various key areas of management particularly important at this company.

Compares ideas on human behavior, history, psychology & development of society. Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud have different conceptions of human nature and different conceptions of how history develops from human actions and human nature. Marx considers human beings primarily

An analysis of the different theories of personal identity and its formation. This paper tackles the issue of personal identity. The author examines the leading theories of personal identity: the Soul Continuity Theory, the Brain Continuity Theory, the Body Continuity

Biological & cultural needs & drives which determine pairing for marriage & children. This paper is a study of the drives that affect mate selection in human beings. Biology determines certain universal preferences that all individuals share when they seek

Discussion of the need to include ongoing and systematic education on human rights. This paper is about human rights education. The author of the paper argues that a dialogue with children about human rights must be ongoing and systematic and

This paper discusses the evolution of the human brain and how intelligence and culture are determined by biological factors. This paper examines human culture and how intelligence is determined by biological factors. The author discusses the origins of the human

Examines socialist’s views on human nature, consciousness, alienation, socioeconomic inequality and labor. Marx had a conception of human history based on dialectical materialism, which includes the sense that the determining factors in the development, relations, and institutions of mankind are

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