Tyler Gregory Okonma better known for his stage name, “Tyler, the Creator”, whom has 5,414,325 monthly listeners on spotify kicked off his music career more than ever before when he released his new album named“Flower Boy”; which is his most

Negativity Unleashed In today’s society, romance has become more focused on wealth rather than love. In the song “Hey Rich Boyy” by the Millionaires, the trio expresses their love for money and their apparent dislike of love. The song’s message

“Congratulations! You just won the last set of tickets tothe sold-out Backstreet Boys concert!” My heart sank asthe DJ gave away the last chance for me to see Howie, Kevin,Nick, AJ and Brian. I had plastered my ear to the

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Fall Out Boy came back with a bang after a too long hiatus with Save Rock and Roll and while they didn’t quite save rock and roll, they re-created themselves in the best way possible. With guest singers like Elton

I was one of the many lucky fans who attended the Backstreet Boys’ concert at the New Haven Coliseum. My friend and I went together and had a blast. We had eighth-row seats. I could not believe how close we

Back to follow-up her number one quadruple platinum debut, “Miss Thang,” is Miss Thang herself, the teen queen of pop/soul: Monica. The new disc, “The Boy is Mine,” features the smash duet with Brandy that was number one on the

Kenny Chesney Kenny Chesney is a renowned country singer and songwriter. Threw his career he has recorded around 20 albums. Kenny was born on March 26, 1968 (48 years old – 2016) in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is known for wearing

“Undun” has become one of my favorite albums of the year. And for a girl with over 100 cds that begin with the letters A thru E alone, that means quite a lot! The tracks are simple, even home-made sounding,

Review of A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. What makes a song classified under true country music? Well Hank Williams Jr knows the answer to that question. In his song A Country Boy Can Survive Hank truly

The Eastside Boyz are one of my favorite bands or rap people. I have just heard of them the last couple of years but they are at the top of my list for favorites. They have many good CDs like

In March, I had the pleasure of attending a concertfeaturing The Boys Choir of Harlem. The concert was held at SymphonyHall in Boston, Massachusetts. My immediate impression as thechoir walked onto the stage was, Hey, these aren’t boys! There wereseveral

I am not a big fan of R&B. Don’t get me wrong, lots of the singers are excellent. I just dislike that so many of the singles are about sex. I feel that Rhythm and Blues can be so much

You’ll definitely remember this amazing album for centuries. The band Fall Out Boy did it again with their new memento American Beauty/American Psycho. This unique sound executed on the collection is what appeals most to listeners. Under the alternative genre,

Recently, it seems that every time you pick up a newspaper or magazine to thumb through, you find another article about the wave of new bands from Seattle bombarding the nation with their distinctive new sounds. With recent articles in

“Can you believe that they are all out West this year? I wish that they’d come to Jersey because I am dying to see them live!” I said to my friend on the phone, referring to Fall Out Boy. “I’ve

If your musical taste is what you’d call rebellious, then you’re sure to love “Save Rock And Roll” by Fall Out Boy. The fiery soundtrack will make you want to get up and dance. When Fall Out Boy took a

I entered the arena andlooked down on the crowd of girls standing in what seemed an endlessline. Some were as young as seven, and clutched their mothers’ handstightly. Older girls stood humming “I Want it That Way” andcarrying glittery, bright

Our Identity The smell of honey from the nearby bee nursery drifted through the still air, combining with the rich, spicy scent of apples. Many of the red fruits lay rotting on the ground; it was only August, but the

My identity is always changing like the wind. There isn’t one identity that would truly define me. Just like the wind, the things I encounter are carried with me throughout my life. No matter what, my friends and family are

Although I’ve never been a naturally athletic person, my incredibly driven soccer mom imposed tennis upon me at an age when I was young and impressionable. My friends all played sports avidly and constantly made fun of me for being

Most people who ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up receive the stereotypical answers such as wanting to be a firefighter, policeman, teacher, astronaut, or anything else that is considered a usual response. My

The low voices are the foundation of the house, the flour in the bread, the roots of the tree. I am the low brass section leader of the Santa Cruz High Marching Band. When this year began, I had six

Going into high school, I was lost. I was hurting myself, losing weight at a rapid speed, and didn’t want to be around anymore. I felt like there was no one for me to turn to, and all I heard

Our identity is our social imprint, our ability to distinguish our likenesses or differences to those around us. It is our personal knowledge of who we are, and what we are. Our personal identity affects what we do, what we

America was not founded as a Christian nation. There are many reasons why this is so. During the 1600’s the Virginia Company of London, viewed settling as a profit. Jamestown was settled by many wealthy bourgeoise who were enticed by

In first grade a boy asked me, “Are you Catholic or Jewish?” Because my mother is Jewish and my father is Catholic, I told him I was both. “You cannot be both,” he said. My parents had always told me

My uncle began teasing me about it when I was seven. I was riding with him in his combine, watching stalk after stalk of corn slip through the heavy outermost blades, when he said, “You’re going to be one of

“Why are you so stupid?” “What do you mean stupid?” “You’re just a stupid boy.” “I’m a MAN.” More difficult than the classes, more difficult than the pressure of college and responsibilities is the constant nagging of my female peers.

I used to wonder why people reacted to my family so strangely. People seemed to be used to twins – and who could deny it? They were everywhere. My family, however, was a rarity. As the only set of triplets

He had no idea that I was watching him. He stood in the center of his room. Silent. Alone. His back was bent over at a slight angle. His tender, almost translucent hands cupped the iron club with a grip

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