Drake has done it again with his latest mixtape-­turned-album, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” A few solid additions to his growing collection of top 40 hits grace the album, along with a good number of tracks dedicated to

I know that it came out a few months ago, but this is an album that should not be missed by any Indie Rock fans. Upon hearing earlier material from the band, I realized that they have reached perfection with

From the moment Miley mounted the black orb of destruction, the wrecking ball became more than a construction tool; it became a symbol of the foam finger queen’s legacy. “Wrecking Ball” opens with the powerful lyrics “we clawed, we chained,

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On the sixth of January, 2011, I attended a performance which took place in San Ramon Valley High School’s Performing Arts Theatre. But much to my surprise, the high school’s choir wasn’t the only group performing. Another choir, consisting of

The English language unites people from all continents and nations. It is the language most commonly learned by people in other countries. Its influence makes it something of a sociological and human phenomenon. And I am so proud to be

College. I have dreamed about it since the fifth grade, and once I began high school, I learned so much about it. I went from thinking that I would get a 30+ on the ACT and that I would get

I learn because I cannot imagine a world where we accept life as it hits us. I cannot imagine a world with no questions, no curiosity, no eureka moment of discovery. Such a place does not, and should not, ever

Slowly, I walked away, praying that the tingling sensation in my nose would subside and that the tears that stung my eyes would evaporate. You’re so selfish. All you care about is yourself. His words reverberated off the walls of

I’d always made myself believe I was invincible, never worrying about the warnings that’d been thrown at me. Each year going by was bringing sixteen closer and closer. Everything about sixteen had been appealing, but what stuck out the most

“The man that tells you he knows everything about horses, is the man that knows nothing about horses.” These words, spoken by the first horse trainer I worked with, speak not only to the horse industry, but also my 1st-12th

“Open door, close door, open door…” echoes as I stroll down the hallway of my elementary school. As I reach my destination, classroom 115, I am greeted by the girl whose voice I heard ringing throughout the hallway. She beams

What do you do when you are at the supermarket doing your weekly shopping and you encounter someone with special needs? Do you stare at them uncomfortably, turn around and walk the other way, or talk to them? I used

Who knows truly who they are? I’m Raniyah S. and im a freshman. I attend high school. Im 13 years old. I have 2 other siblings I am the oldest. My brother is 12 years old and my sister is

“I’ll do it” are three words I do not regret saying. I was offered the chance to be a coach for my school’s select baseball team. This was an opportunity to do something that I enjoy, and also teach a

The lights are glowing with a fuzzy haze that makes the audience beyond the curtain impossible to see. They are nothing more than a blurred darkness, yet I know they are there. Will they notice if I fall? Will they

What’s the point in home schooling? I don’t have the time to educate my kid. And if they aren’t going to a classroom regularly, they’ll just sit at home and they’ll never socialize. Besides, home schoolers never learn anything. I

“I motion that, because everyone is half asleep, the entire class must spin around in a circle and scream AwhoopSHHH ahhh!”‘ This motion not only woke up the dormant members of my debate class, but it caught the eye of

My passion has always been playing volleyball, but it was taken away from me with one dive, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Since then, I have switched my passion from playing volleyball to coaching it. When I walked into

Clark Atlanta University After touring colleges and attending a college fairs for a whole weekend the last day was rainy and windy but we still had two colleges to visit. I was sleep but when the bus stopped, I woke

“Mom, can we host a foreign exchange student next year?” I ask my mom out of nowhere. At the time, I didn’t think of it as a big deal, just a really cool idea. Little did I know that a

I used to feel that I knew a lot about stress. Having just completed high school, and the IB diploma at that, I’ve spent the past year in a mild state of shock. There have been tears, nervous breakdowns, an

The first time I crossed the Atlantic, I slept in a bucket. No longer a baguette-sized infant, I have grown to consider unpredictability foremost among the pleasures of travel. Coming from the brutally predictable setting of a Vermont Catholic high

Question: describe your interest in your chosen field of study and how you will use your degree upon graduation, how will a scholarship assist you attaining your goals, and share any unique experiences or qualities that may distinguish you from

Describe an obstacle or challenge facing you, your family, your school, or your community. What have you done (or what do you plan to do) to address this challenge? How does Colorado State University fit into your plan?I looked back

I am the daughter of a neurologist and an oncologist, granddaughter of a gastroenterologist, sister of an emergency medical doctor and neuro-critical care specialist. Medical language is the native tongue in my house, and for 16 years I could not

If students get paid for every little thing they do in school, they will expect to get paid for everything out side of school. Students need to learn that learning will pay off in the end when acceptance letters and

Unborn Pig Fetus Dissection. That is my academic project which has shaped what I want to do with my life. I partook in this project my freshman year. I already knew that I wanted to go to Notre Dame, after

Every day I wake up wishing I were more ethnic. I’m a white girl from South Orange County, California – why couldn’t I have been born Samoan? Or Filipino? They have wonderful food. My dad’s idea of an ethnic meal

I just got my SAT tests scores back and I have something to say: I am not my test score. My 1500 score certainly does not match my intelligence or self worth. However, before I used to think that. I

Introduction:Theories of learning have been developed, argued and challenged extensively over the past century and yet we can continue to debate which method of teaching encourages the most effective learning.Throughout the 1900’s psychologists and educators have developed learning theories from

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