Stone Temple Pilots (STP) is now on their third album and just like the other two, it is a hit. The latest album, “Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop,” features hit singles such as “Pop’s Love Suicide,” “Big Bang Baby,”

Eager music lovers will enjoy a blend of the natural wonders of the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden at 301 North Baldwin Avenue and the energetic music of the renowned California Philharmonic at the Cal Phil Festival on

I’ve read many articles reacting to this song, and I can’t hardly believe that it hasn’t gotten more positive reviews than it has. Many argue that the song doesn’t ask enough of the South, and too much of African Americans

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Regina Spektor’s latest album is a homage to older times, while memorizing the present in all its glory. Remember us indeed. Over every song in the album, Spektor’s voice glides, speculating, reminiscing. There’s less of the quirky cavalier that characterizes

Any good album must have a focal point. For Kari Jobe’s latest album, Where I Find You, has two: prayer and a call to action. Song after song, Jobe pours her heart out to her Savior, focusing on God’s strength

G Herbo Chicago a.k.a Chiraq rapper Herbert Wright III, G Herbo, has been climbing to the top rapidly ever since releasing the song “Kill S***”, a collaboration with another rapper, close friend, Lil Bibby as well with a mixtape from

With all the negative publicity surrounding rap music in the past few years, A Tribe Called Quest’s latest album, “Beats, Rhymes and Life” could not have been released a minute too soon. It is laced with smooth beats and conscience

Welcome to the Good Life review I am writing a review on a song I chose “Welcome to the Good Life” because I think it is a very energetic song and I think that everyone should hear this song. I

The 20/20 Experience Justin Timberlake $10.99 Hip-Hop, R&B On March 26, 2013, solo artist Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience was released. The album relates to Pop, Hip-Hip, and R&B lovers but favors any era — the Jazz Age, early-1960s Motown, etc.

Fun has been in the spotlight since their single “We Are Young” was covered by the cast of “Glee” and climbed to number one in the Billboard Hot 100. It’s surprising that an indie band made it to the top

Taylor Swift has been at the top of the music industry for years, and nearly every aspect of her love life, songs, and actions are heatedly debated – but there is no denying that she knows how to make popular

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee the band formerly known as Embers Fade has been active since 2005 and in that time period, they have shown a tremendous amount of growth and amazing work. Framing Hanley changed their name in tribute

Imagine combining qualities of legendary Queen’s Freddie Mercury circa 1978, the 1980s’ George Michael, and the current Scissor Sister’s Jake Shears to form a nouveau-chic, electric, glam-pop/rock singing phenomenon. Enter Mika. Currently a huge success in the U.K., the flamboyant

February 9, 1990 – 7: 43 p.m. – The lights faded out, and a fourteen minute film opened a most anticipated concert. The film focused on 25 years of history, which includes Jackie Kennedy, Apollo landing on the moon, and

“Yeah, she wanna get married but she don’t wanna marry me” is a heartache to hear just like a numerous amount of Thomas Rhett’s songs released in September of 2017 in the album Life Changes. A lot of songs released

Bryan Ferry, whether solo or with Roxy Music, has produced some of the most influential music in the last twenty years with 17 albums to date. And now, the top-off: an anthology. Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry ,” Street Life.” Spanning 19

August Burns Red is a Melodic Metalcore group with a Christian lifestyle that doesn’t emulate with their music. When compared to other bands of this type like Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying, they are

MichelleBranch has been turning a lot of heads in the music world. The 18-year-old hasjust released her second album, “The Spirit Room.” What sets her apartfrom other teen pop queens is that Michelle writes all her songs. She has alsobeen

“Days turn to night, night turns to whatever we want, We’re young enough to say: Oh, this has gotta be the good life, This has gotta be the good life, This could really be a good life, good life. I

There might come a day where I am not enthralled with boys who play instruments, or boys who have accents, or the wicked combination of the two. As proven by band 5 Seconds of Summer, today is not that day.

“I am gonna sit right here; at the edge of this pier and drink a beer”. Now I know what one may think,this is just another song about beer, but that is not entirely true. This song has a lot

For years, singer, actor, and performer Justin Timberlake has been asked one question repeatedly: “When is that new album coming out?” From his days in the popular boy band ‘NSync that rocked the nation, to his days as a familiar

Everly is an American folk band formed in 2008, consisting of actress Bethany Joy Galeotti and singer Amber Sweeney. Their first EP, Mission Bell, is an eclectic mix of country, folk and pop rock sounds. Their EP features six original

Home from Home is the first original song from the duo Byrne and Kelly. The group is made of up Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly, Nicole Hudson, and Peter Sheridan from the Celtic group Celtic thunder. Ryan and Neil originally came

Hailing from the land of pop, Sweden, The Cardigans are a five piece group whose sounds range from beautiful melancholy to lovely, cheery pop. Life, The Cardigans second album, breaks away from their first albums tiresome saddening and introvert sounds

My Life 2… The Journey Continues By, Irene Alexandra Zendejas The Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige does it again. She continues her My Life with My Life 2. This album is filled jam-packed music. My Life 1 was filled

If you remember my Dark Passion Play review, you may want to check this out here. Nightwish has been around ever since the mid 90’s starting out with frontwoman, Tarja Turunen. But at the turn of the Once album recordings

Kenny Chesney Kenny Chesney is a renowned country singer and songwriter. Threw his career he has recorded around 20 albums. Kenny was born on March 26, 1968 (48 years old – 2016) in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is known for wearing

For many, attending a performance of John Addams’ new piece “On the Transmigration of Souls” written for the New York Philharmonic is like being invited to a party but being given the wrong address as a cruel prank. Early on,

Mark this as the third Djent release this year that I’ve reviewed. Anyway, alot can be said when it comes to the great old pal of Born of Osiris. These guys are a progressive metalcore/deathcore or djent band that has

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