I’ve read many articles reacting to this song, and I can’t hardly believe that it hasn’t gotten more positive reviews than it has. Many argue that the song doesn’t ask enough of the South, and too much of African Americans

The 20/20 Experience Justin Timberlake $10.99 Hip-Hop, R&B On March 26, 2013, solo artist Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience was released. The album relates to Pop, Hip-Hip, and R&B lovers but favors any era — the Jazz Age, early-1960s Motown, etc.

For years, singer, actor, and performer Justin Timberlake has been asked one question repeatedly: “When is that new album coming out?” From his days in the popular boy band ‘NSync that rocked the nation, to his days as a familiar

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R&B music has been extremely lacking in passion and originality lately. When I hear the hopped-up club beats of Chris Brown or the remarkably similar Usher songs, I feel as if the genre has forgotten about creativity, and is just

After listening to the band A Day to Remember I have realized that their numerous songs are all great. All of their songs have certain meanings behind them filled with emotions that a listener could be able to feel. Sometimes

There is a very large controversy over this newly released song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. There is a line that I understand controversy over it is “if you don’t judge my gold chains …. Ill forget the

Disappointment, disbelief, and fear filled my mind as I stood next to my destroyed car. After a few seconds, bad emotions started running through my mind. It was a beautiful hot summer day in July. I was driving home from

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” Just as in Stephen Schwartz’s musical Wicked, at some point we encounter someone who changes our whole perspective of

We believe that there are things in the world, but things are nothing more than beliefs about things in the world—not truths about things. In a lecture of his, Alan Watts argues that the existence of things is rooted in

It was the last day of school and I was so excited for the summer. The bells rang at 3:20 and I was out. My friend Tony and I were ready for the first summer night a night with a

I was in third grade when I heard the news. I remember walking home from school and seeing Jackie’s car parked outside. I haven’t seen her in about two months and I was so happy to see my favorite sister.

It was simple. Lift the weight and win. The only thing standing between me and my medal was my competitor and what looked like a hundred pound bar. The bar seemed to daunt me as I tried to figure out

“Angely am I a bad mother?” those words pierced my ears the same way painful way it pierced my heart. Different feelings started to pound slowly as I saw my strong and independent let tears fall from her beautiful face

The Impact of Zimmy Bob Dylan’s voice is pretty much gone; David Bowie described it as being “like sand and glue”, but that does not define who he is. I don’t think he’s ever tried to be somebody else; that’s

America is the greatest country on earth? Don’t make me laugh. This place isn’t so great. Although, I got to admit, in all my 78 years of living I had never seen any place like the United States of America.

To my knowledge, competition is reared early in children. Although competition can be healthy as it spurs innovation and provides motivation for people to better themselves, it can also produce narrow minded adults. Through competition in academics, sports, tournaments, and

My life was over. Or so I thought. I was suffocating in a small room on a paper covered bed that made a “crackling” sound every time my leg shifted nervously. I blacked out when the doctor came in with

My eyes lock in on the rim. The ref says, “One and one, play it off the miss.” I think, put this one in to seal up the game. It’s 63-60 with 18.9 seconds left. One, two, three dribbles. The

I walk into the gym; all eyes turn to me. I am the only white person in the inner city community center. I feel like an outcast. The man at the door takes my bag as I walk through the

Experiencing The Gameby Matt Silverio, Bristol, CTYou step into the batter’s box and stare down the pitcher. You dig your feet in and take your practice cuts. You are now watching his every move, waiting to see the ball. The

When I begin to read (or reread) any book, I like to take a gander at the copyright page. You know, the one with the author’s name and the date of publication and all that fancy information – the page

“I have something to tell you guys.” My father brought up a new subject while I and my sister were having a dinner. I was hoping he would talk something humorous. “We will go to Thailand and there is no

My experience with being lost was a scary one. I learned my lesson about riding dirt bikes alone. It all started while riding up a trail I had not ridden before. The trail went on top of the continental divide

Throughout one’s life obstacles tend to get in the way in the form of disguises that aren’t always pretty. My story is a common one that countless people have faced. Approximately three years ago when I was a freshmen in

Coming from Colombia where she lived in abject poverty, my mother learned hard work and dedication from a very early age. Being the oldest of 10 children and having a single mom, she took on adult responsibilities. She saw her

Life is like a path. On that path, there are many unpredictable turning points, which make your life more dramatic and less boring. For me, an important turning point is when I failed in a literature competition. This failure changed

How you ever had a unique experience? During the summer of 2008, I was offered a wonderful job. As a nanny, to Kadin, almost three, and baby Taylor, 8 months. I knew it would be hard but, I always had

“Ah!” I screech to myself as a torrent of thoughts crash into being -100 degree heat, the contents of Wendy’s fries digesting in my stomach, family, anxiety- as chatter and speculation cease to continue. The bus rolls to a stop

The day started out like any other day last year. It was the end of October and we had finished soccer practice, and were to have a team meeting. After talking about our next game, and what to do to

My faith is by far, the most important thing to me and it is just as important to many others. I remember, feeling afraid to practice it outward around my fellow friends and classmates. The sheer utter of “God Bless

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