You may have heard their songs “An Honest Mistake”,or “Believe”. If you have heard anything off of their previous albums then you know their 80’s punk rock meets modern rock style. They perfect this style even more on “Stir the

Looking for a band that’s talented, fresh, and just plain amazing? Try Mission Six and you definitely won’t be disappointed. The members are young, energetic, and as lovable as ever in their second and most recent album, “Not Too Young.”

Most boys grow up with dreams of being a superhero– a paragon of wonder and virtue, with extraordinary powers used to save the world. I suppose I was not much different; but instead of a cape, I wanted scrubs, and

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In third grade I began piano not knowing that it would change my life forever. My teacher Ms. Austin had just moved to my city, and it was fate that brought me to her. I was a young quiet kid

“My parents are freaking out… but I’m fine.” These are the words of my best friend just after being told she had a brain tumor. The tumor began growing off of the Schwann cells of her facial and hearing nerve,

I constantly have dreams where I am a superhero. When I’m unconscious, Super Me is wide awake; swiftly diffusing through solid walls, shooting electricity from her hands, and simply tensing her body to become invisible. She can briskly shove off

Lily was very excited. Her 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle was almost complete. She easily fit the final pieces into the puzzle. She had taken two weeks to complete the puzzle and she proud of her work. As she stared at the

“Hi, what can I get for you?” the attractive girl behind the ice cream shop counter asked me. I put my hands on the counter and looked over the selection of ice cream. “Yeah, I’ll take two scoops of you

As a child my favorite superhero was Superman. I read the comics, awed at Christopher Reeve and even tried flying off my bed a couple of times. Clark Kent was the man, our only hope for when some alien robot

The sky condenses into a thick brew of churning, dark clouds that ominously sink lower. Smoke rises in columns, spinning like tornados as the fire descends, raining upon the unsuspecting population. Slowly, screams of terror and desperation rise from the

In his work Poetics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle defined tragedy by its various elements and structure. One of the most notable of these elements was the concept of the tragic hero, a central model in Greek tragedy, yet one that

My life was never full of glass roses and gold stairs. I’ve had so many challenges in my life. I consider them all heart felt life lessons. They can be good or bad, can be repetitive or new yet challenges

Gesture is the use of such movements to express thought, emotion, etc (Gesture). A gesture can be many things. Every action or gesture, no matter how small, says a thousand words. Slamming a book shut shows anger and frustration. Opening

I moved to America when I was 5 and it was a hard change for a kid with a turban. Epically after the tragedy of 9/11, I was looked down upon by kids in my school. It was not only

In this world of athletes and actors who are revered as heroes, there stands apart one unsung hero who, with her quiet strength, wisdom, and courage, has done more to shape my life than any other. She has encouraged every

I still remember the first time I saw his face, which revealed his experiences in life. Ten years ago, on a snowy night, I met him in the grandest house I had seen at the young age of eight. The

“Get a bucket of water,” my dad shouted. I didn’t budge. “Madie, I need your help. Go get help and a bucket of water.” I heard him, but didn’t move; I was processing and thinking about the previous event, unsure

Arlo is a band not many people have heard of and they like it that way. This underground band thrives on its antimainstream feel. Their second CD, “Stab the Unstoppable Hero,” is no different. The self-proclaimed “non-threatening indie rockers” include

Adam Lambert was the one guy that brought me to start watching American Idol. I happened to be watching the day he auditioned, he sung “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. I can honestly say I was TOTALLY PHSYCED when I heard

The album “Pure Heroine” by Lorde is, to put it simply, a music masterpiece. Everyone knows Royals. And Royals is, even if it is Top 40, a wonderful song, and I very much appreciate it, because I am, to put

The Minister of International Relations did not properly consult with Ms Engels, the process that was conducted by the Minister was procedurally unfair.This is because according to section 33 of the 1996 Constitution of the RSA everyone is entitled to

“Those damn Americans” were the first words out of his mouth after reading an article about U.S. intervention in Iraq. This was my introduction to Walter Fairservis, a large striking figure with thick white hair and bushy black eyebrows. Although

In contrast, other people may argue that college and universities should focus on academic material without thinking whether it is useful for the workforce or not. Students, after being employed the company, they have to work in their special field

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in 10 new mothers is a teen, and ore than 400,000 teen girls give birth each year ( Teen Parenting). Most of the teens, which gets pregnant decide to raise

The character of Aeneas as a hero In Book ii of the Aeneid, all of the soldiers of Troy perish except the character of Aeneas, his son Ascanius, and his father Anchises. The character of Aeneas emerges as a hero

INCONSISTENCE OF OUR ACTIONS Life is full of contradictions. People often contradict themselves by saying or thinking about something but they end up doing something completely different. Michel de Montaigne of his essay of the inconsistence of our actions criticizes

Instead Of holding Off the hear Eng until the court found a sign language interpreter for Gonzalez, they went on with his hearing without him really understanding what was going on or what he was being charged with. Similar incident

With author John Green and his best seller novel, The Fault In Our Stars, he invokes a different kind of response in his readers. Instead of expecting to read a novel about the horror Ross of cancer and the medical

The Mission portrays how immoral the world was at the of time slavery and the troubles that many Jesuits and others withstood to end the ideas of inferiority and superiority among humans. Father Gabriel is the best example of strong

Joss Racial was a Filipino polymath, nationalist and the most prominent advocate for reforms in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era and its eventual independence from Spain. He is considered a national hero and the anniversary of Racal’s death

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