MichelleBranch has been turning a lot of heads in the music world. The 18-year-old hasjust released her second album, “The Spirit Room.” What sets her apartfrom other teen pop queens is that Michelle writes all her songs. She has alsobeen

Everly is an American folk band formed in 2008, consisting of actress Bethany Joy Galeotti and singer Amber Sweeney. Their first EP, Mission Bell, is an eclectic mix of country, folk and pop rock sounds. Their EP features six original

Home from Home is the first original song from the duo Byrne and Kelly. The group is made of up Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly, Nicole Hudson, and Peter Sheridan from the Celtic group Celtic thunder. Ryan and Neil originally came

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After listening to the band A Day to Remember I have realized that their numerous songs are all great. All of their songs have certain meanings behind them filled with emotions that a listener could be able to feel. Sometimes

Mellow and enchanting, Norah Jones’ second CD pulls listeners into a world of awe and peace. In 2002, “Come Away With Me” earned eight Grammys. The 2004 follow-up, believe it or not, is even better. Norah Jones, born in 1979,

Blink 182: Neighborhoods 27 Sept DGC Records & Interscope Records 36:34 4 stars Blink 182 are back! Having taken a 4 year hiatus, arguably the most important and influential pop-punk band of the 90s have finally reformed. Much to the

Walking around campus, there is a sense of familiarity. The people, the buildings, the landscape; it is all something that I have been accustomed to for four years now. Saying goodbye to friends, whom I consider family, will be difficult.

Attleboro High School, my alma mater, is split into five buildings: A building, B building, C building, etc. Every student has their piece in the school. The jocks crowd the locker rooms and chat about last night’s big game against

The first thing I would want my roommate to know about me is that I am terrified. The idea of leaving everything and everyone I have ever known is one that my head has not yet wrapped itself around. I

I have two residences: a house and a college dorm. In both these places I have a bed, a shower, and food. Every night when I go to sleep I don’t have to worry that my things will be stolen

Over this past summer, I traveled to Ireland. The long plane ride over was worth seeing the rolling hills and beautiful green acres once again. After I arrived and settled in, I did what I always do. I walked down

Dear Future Roommate, I hope you like colors. I currently have 106 wall decorations hanging in my room. I have a few more I’d like to put up, but I’m running low on wall space. They range from old Mylar

As part of your housing application at most colleges, you have to fill out a roommate survey that contains the basic questions: Are you a smoker? Are you a drinker? Are you neat or are you messy? I checked the

The Empty Corner Room by J. H., New City, NY Last August, my family and I drove up to Cornell University to take my brother to college, but my parents were not quite prepared themselves. My brother was nervous, my

As we step over a crack in the sidewalk, we can tilt our backs toward the ground, raise our eyes to the sky, and see the skyscrapers on high. They rise above everything else in this overpopulated wasteland. As we

As a baggage handler tossed a suitcase on the plane, another passenger threw it off again to make room for his piece of luggage. With tensions rising, the crowd around the small plane pushed and shoved, shouting in French and

My fingers ache as they flick across the keyboard. Twinges of pain from the constant sharp and precise motions they have been making for the past two hours. My eyes feel watery and glassy, as I stare transfixed at the

“Alyssa? Can I please come in? Please? I’m scared. Please?” I hear my eight-year-old brother whisper under the door as I remove the pillow from over my ears. “Yeah, come in, and close the door quietly.” He scampers in before

The alarm screamed. I tumbled over and smack the top of the clock. Sluggishly I gather my attire: my jacket, then pants, then boots, then my helmet, and finally my gloves. In the hotel room, I sweat, but outside, the

Home is where my heart is. It was a hot July afternoon. My sister and I were walking through the busy streets of New York City, making our way to the Museum of Modern Art. Though my sister had been

Let me be the first to say that I hate living here. I do not hate this town, but I have known it, and it has known me. I am growing but this town is not, and I am only

This room is filled with old, uncomfortable plastic chairs. The linoleum floor is so faded and scratched that I’m not sure which marks are part of the pattern and which are from the bottom of someone’s shoe. The whiteboard has

As far back as I can remember I have had a pretty interesting life. Things have come and gone and the wind has blown in unpredictable directions. I can say that my life has often transformed through intense, painful and

The debut full-length album from these Hamilton, New Jersey natives came out last fall, and it’s a very good introduction to what I hope will be a long career for the young men known to their fans as The Early

One Direction The album ‘Take Me Home’ by One Direction is a very diverse and up-beat set. The band did well and had a nice blend of voices. This boy band started out on UK X-Factor as individuals, but they

Bravery wasn’t a word I heard often growing up. My parents protected me, their only child, by teaching me that safety was the priority of everything I did. Well, that message sank in a little too deep. As a toddler

The room that we have designed is for toddlers. There are all learning areas are included: block area, science and discovery area, cognitive area, language and literacy area, sensory area, creative area, dramatic area and music and movement area. There

Competitiveness—my personality. Sophomore year. A group of buddies and I are playing basketball in a friend’s basement. It is one of our usual pickup games, smack talk and everything. A sport. A game. A competition. I drive to the lane,

There were Lovely pinks in the flowers, houses, and garages, and green trees covered the streets. There was an Old run down house called “witches house”; we always biked ten times faster past it on our way home from the

I love my room. It has become my sanctuary to return to anytime I need comfort. I can toss my shoes onto the floor and lie back on my soft cloud of a bed. All the famous people look at

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