Taylor Swift has been at the top of the music industry for years, and nearly every aspect of her love life, songs, and actions are heatedly debated – but there is no denying that she knows how to make popular

For many, attending a performance of John Addams’ new piece “On the Transmigration of Souls” written for the New York Philharmonic is like being invited to a party but being given the wrong address as a cruel prank. Early on,

Mark this as the third Djent release this year that I’ve reviewed. Anyway, alot can be said when it comes to the great old pal of Born of Osiris. These guys are a progressive metalcore/deathcore or djent band that has

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Heavy metal. When people hear those words, they think of loud, fast drumming with raucous guitar and a growling, animalistic baritone vocal. This is not Bruce Dickinson. From the first seconds of the introductory track, “Mars Within,” it is obvious

Sanhedrin is a modern melodic black metal band from the UK. To my knowledge, they have released one EP, this one, and two full length albums within the course of only a few years. While not incredibly well known, they

I particularly enjoy listening to Collective Soul. They are a nice Clean band that talk about random things. I get sick of all the Romace songs, so it is nice that most of their songs, are not love related. Of

My mind is a poem. I stand like a freak amongst night shadows and street vents, rushing idiotically behind my left hand and my inspirational right hand. I write to free myself. My young mind uncoils with emotions that spill

This is your chance to show colleges who you really are,” my counselor told me. He was talking about the application essay. To most, this would not appear to be an emotional subject, but to me it was the accumulation

Cars are taking over. Now before you dismiss me as a lunatic who thinks automobiles want to rule the world, let me explain. They are taking over the role of the driver. The amount of driver replacing technologies proliferating through

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m already here, at one moment I could recall playing across the childish earth but now I’m here preparing myself for college and my future. Everything lies ahead of me. I recall walking

The most fundamental place in my world is the passenger seat of a 15 year old Honda Odyssey with my father driving and the radio blasting. My beautiful city passes by as I dream of a future I do not

The second row from the door and the third seat from the front. I had my head resting in the palm of my hand, with my elbow placed on the bottom left corner of my desk. My algebra teacher sat

I am Quentin and I am a freshman in high school. I love rap music, Sports, and Social Media. In the future I want to be a rapper when I grow up and be a billionaire. I was born in

The air filled the car with the strong smell of quaking aspen and bristlecone pine. Looking out the window I saw tons of trees, bright green grass, and mountains higher than I could see. Riding alongthe winding roads I continued

“Build walls that form a large rectangle around a 1000 acre land. Have the walls 20 feet high, 3 feet thick, and made out of the strongest material. We will have a hospital system, a school system, a housing system,

Dear Future Roommate, I hope you like colors. I currently have 106 wall decorations hanging in my room. I have a few more I’d like to put up, but I’m running low on wall space. They range from old Mylar

We have all reached for our phones, iPads, laptops, or any other device with internet access and asked Google to define a word. The results were numerous. Definitions ranged from exact wording as the previous website to definitions that would

“You’d eat all the potatoes in Idaho!” If you were to simply approach a random pedestrian and begin your conversation with that statement, about ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the human population would react in one of two

I’ve always been the kind of teenager who considered high school relationships to be trivial, asinine pursuits. My view on matters such as, who was dating who, as were frequent topics of inane interest at school, was gratuitously cynical. I

“I make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets” (Kimbio). Kim Kardashian grew up the same way any other kid would although some major events played a role in making her into the person she is today. Some of the

My earliest memories are of teetering along Baker’s Beach with my great-grandmother, watching the seagulls and reaching up frantically for her wrinkled hand when the waves crashed just a little too close for my comfort. Even though I felt small

Myself or Someone Like Me by Anonymous, Agawam, MA “This life is only a test. Had it been an actual life, you would have been given instructions.” – “My So-Called Life” Right now, I am someone like me. I am

It was February 8, 2013. I remember this day because there was a blizzard. It was cold and foggy. Despite this, I decided to visit my hometown, Ridgewood. The streets were empty, gray concrete and it was about 4pm. It

Dear Future Roommate, I apologize in advance for my failures as a roommate. I’ve tried many times, but it never works out well for the other person. I’ve always felt terrible for the people I lived with. But, maybe this

My eyes, the sky, and the ocean share that same color. However, occasionally, my eyes adjust to the color of my shirt. And my skin and the freckles, on my nose, depending on the sun. My age? By the year.

Anticipation thickened in the hall as he lingered his hands above the keys, waiting ‘then he struck. The heavy chord echoed throughout the music hall loudly announcing the entrance of a masterpiece. He played like a brute. Short. Full. Heavy.

College. An experience almost every adolescent looks forward to. From the classes, your education, the school activities, to the fraternities, the parties, and the new people. The freedom: you’re finally an adult. I’ve always wanted to attend college. But, in

I like reading The Economist and watching “I love the 80s.” I like tennis, Fazoli’s breadsticks and writing assignments. I value honesty, commitment, scholarship and kindness. These are hard and true facts, but there is a lot I do not

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is the dreaded question for those who later on if life are categorized as “undecided”. As all my friends developed career choices, I was busy searching for the answer

“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” When I was ten years old, I’ve got the news that I was going to be moving to the United States. This decision was mainly

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