Last night I was walking home next to the river Thames, when something strange happened to me. It was late at night and I’d had a long and difficult day at work. There was a large full moon in the

The mystery of The Mary Celeste is True and what you are about to discover is real. The Mary Celeste was captained by Benjamin Spooner Briggs in 1872. Benjamin Spooner Briggs was married to Sarah Elizabeth Briggs; they had two

There was a long line in the wintery New York streets of 1858. Many wealthy people were waiting for the Magic Broadway to open. Once the doors opened, the people filed into their seats. Rows filled in seconds. The chatter

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My childhood was an eventful time for me in the form of animated movies. From Disney to Pixar, I was hooked. One very underappreciated movie that I have always kept close to my heart; that movie is Anastasia, by Fox

The human mind has many mysteries to be solved, and it always being a challenge to study and to understand its working process. In Carol Dweck’s article “Brainology: Transforming Students Motivation to Learn”, the author shows us that our brain

Describes the mystery of Jack the Ripper and his victims. This paper is a step by step account of the murders committed by Jack the Ripper in the late 1800s. The author takes us through each one chronologically including a

This paper explores the myth of the city of Atlantis. This paper examines the story of Atlantis, its myths, history, legends and literature. The paper focuses heavily on Plato and his account. “The story of Atlantis has captivated the minds

An exploration of the paradox of David Mamet’s creative genius and personal anguish. This paper deals with David Mamet as an icon of American literature. Mamet?s own life, interviews, and especially his play The Cryptogram, are used to illustrate the

A detailed analysis of black holes: what they are and how they are formed. This is an informative paper on what exactly a black hole is and what scientists have theorized about black holes. The paper examines the formation of

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