“You either get it or you don’t,” is one of the truest quotes ever said about Frank Zappa’s music, spoken by Frank himself. Over-Nite Sensation is the perfect album for someone who doesn’t quite get Zappa’s work, but wants to.

Sinead O’Connor’s new album, “Universal Mother” hit the music stores in the fall. The album cover (which suspiciously resembles one of those “Magic Eye 3-D” pictures) was painted by Sinead, herself. After the controversy she created by shredding the picture

First and foremost it is necessary for me to say that Mothership is a combination of Led Zeppelin’s best songs, which is hard to say as almost all of Led Zeppelin’s songs are great. This is the kind of album

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Mother Moon He makes two types of music he makes relaxing songs, something to help you relax during the day, he also has music that makes you happy and want to dance. He always seems angry when he is rapping

The band Wolfmother released their first mainstream eponymous CD on October 31, 2005. However, time has not deteriorated the quality of their music. In fact, several songs, inspired by former greats Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, have gained popularity over

“Querer es poder” (If you really want to, you can achieve it), this is what my mom always says to me. My mother is the greatest inspiration I have in this universe. Thanks to God, I can see and hear

The time of which the glisten of your eyes shows the world a new creation of the human race, you begin to see the world in which your mother brought you into, you learn and explore the ideas of those

Go Cry For Your Mother It all happened out on the street, with the gang of kids that lived in my neighborhood. These kids knew me well; I was growing up with them at the time. We were all good

There are many responses to the question, what are you? I am short; I am pretty. I am a student; I am a teacher. I am a sister; I am a grandmother. If you were to ask me that question,

My biggest fear has always been being alone. The idea of not having any company and losing my loved ones has always been such a tough subject for me to talk about with anyone, including myself. There comes a point

Mymother’s arms. If I remember one thing about growing up, it will be herstrong, comforting arms. When I was struggling with a problem, or cryingsoftly at night, she was always there to hold me. She influenced myvalues and taught me

Hot salty tears running fast, the feeling of confusion and hope all jumbled into one, the overwhelming aching of my heart filling my chest. One question kept repeating itself in my head, over and over. “Will I ever see her

The person in my life that has influenced me is my mother. When I started my senior year of high school I was so lost about how to start my college essays and my applications. I felt like I was

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” (Dorothy Fisher). The thought of not a mother around all the time is unbearable. My mother is kind, caring, strong, and independent and I

I glance around at everyone confidently breezing through the handout, so sure of their answers. I complete the first portion with ease, filling out my extra-curricular activities and grades in prerequisite courses. “Question 3: Is there anything I should know

I woke to the vibrations of my cell phone on the table next to where I was sleeping. I look at the front screen and it said Chad Coffen. I answered with a early morning almost yawing “Hello.” Chad Replies,

Chestnut-colored hair, flecked with silver, frames her softly rounded face; delicate wrinkles encircle rose-tinted lips and cool gray eyes. Spectacles perch on the tip of her nose; a pressed blouse and skirt, in muted tones and tailored to fit her

Different people influence our lives everyday. Friends, teachers, parents, even strangers can influence us. Some are positive to who we are as a person…Others, not so much. For me, the person who has had the most significant influence on me

Dealing with your sallow-cheeked skeleton of a crack head mother is a challenge that no child ever wants to face, but if it’s something you must do I’ve learned a few things that can be achieved to keep yourself protected.

My Ami From the time I first opened my eyes in this world, till this very moment, all my acts and deeds are influenced by one person – My Mother, My Ami. Born in a society where much attention was

These words are written for the inquirers, for the speculators, for the seekers or believers, for the dreamers, for the thinkers, for the integral secret-keepers. From a tranquil heart I recall an untranquil time, an essence eternally persevered in rhyme.

It was a gleaming day and my mother was sitting in the front yard. The grass was young and the sprinklers were going off. I walked out to the front yard to see my mother sitting on chair. She was

I remember the Christmas of ‘98. My mother was weeping by the christmas tree. My sister was still a baby then and did not know what was happening. I was confused; shouldn’t Christmas be a happy time? That was the

Saint Augustinesaid, “Obedience is in a way the mother of all virtue.” The primarybiological function of a female is to give birth. Does obedience give birth tovirtues? When I was six, I obediently emptied the dishwasher every night.I was bored.

There is much discussion on whether Gertrude was in on the plan to get rid of Hamlet and her husband or if she was just caught in the middle of a horrifying scheme. There isn’t much talk about Gertrude as

The Australian band Wolfmother is making a big splash in the world of music. This band, with all its rocking new songs, has got Australians and the rest of the music world talking. This three-piece group rocks like Led Zeppelin,

Motherly Roles In the spirit of Mother’s Day approaching, I felt it only obligatory to talk about the mothers in the novels in which I’ve read. I could mention the first lady in which I read in class from the

Belonging Creative Writing Deafness The hand ticked monotonously around the watch, its staggered movement constantly pushing its smaller brother forward. The window was open, and a cool breeze fluttered through, ruffling the white curtains. The corner of the curtain nicked

The United States of America had gained a reputation for equality and social democracy. Religious tolerance, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press were rights that Americans hailed as revolutionary. Indeed, compared to the Old World Europe economic opportunity

Man I love my little girl so much ! I wonder sometimes if I’m doing all the right things you really have to stop sometimes and look at what your doing as a parent . Am I giving enough attention

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