T-Pain, a rapper known for his reliance on Auto-Tune, brings a familiar, slow vibe to his new album, “Revolver.” Best known for his 2007 hit single, “Buy U a Drank,” T-Pain grew up in Florida and joined the rap group

Most know Marina and the Diamonds (aka singer Marina Diamandis) as the band behind the glitzy, self-obsessed radio hit in 2012, “Primadonna.” But before Diamandis’ enigma of Electra Heart surfaced, the singer had already released an album in 2010. Titled

Dance Gavin Dance is an experimental hardcore sextet from California. They are one of the most inventive bands on the scene, incorporating jazz-rock elements with R&B elements to create an ­experience the hardcore scene has never heard before. Dance Gavin

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After five years of replaying my beloved Maroon 5’s debut album, “Songs about Jane,” I was much in need of new material from this great band. Their 2007 release, “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” is quickly moving up my

(This article was written while listening to the song which is why it’s in present tense.) When it comes down to music now-a-days you have 4 types of fans: one, the guys who love mainstream music and all it’s gloary,

Be very careful. Ellie Goulding is a potentially fatal drug, and her most powerful side effect is halcyon. Released this past October, “Halcyon” is her highly anticipated second album. Known for a hypnotic synth sound, she has established herself as

The year was 2010, a contestant’s performance on “Jars Of Hearts” on the stage of So You Think You Can Dance got millions to Google Perri and it finally got her a deal with Atlantic Records. Her debut Lovestrong was

The Protomen is an indie, progressive rock band stationed in Nashville, Tennessee. Criminally obscure, they give their all to every show they play and show a massive amount of talent in each song they create. They released their sophomore album,

“Ba ba bam bada ba” replayes in an inescapable rotation of the recorded records by the one and only Jon Bellion in The Human Condition. Jon Bellion has featured in other songs, but the human condition is his first full

May 16, 1983 A simple triple spin with a toe stand to finish it off. Never in my life have I seen someone stun the crowd with such excitement. Every move and every slide is so graceful. This young man

“I LOVE MYSELF!” These are the three words TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) artist Kendrick Lamar has engraved into his listeners’ ears with his latest single, “i”. Two years removed from the release of his arguably classic debut album good kid,

After four years of absence from the music world, the Beastie Boys explode onto the scene with their new release, “Hello Nasty.” This CD is filled with 22 addictive tracks that will get you singing a different one each day.

6 weeks. 120 pounds. From scratch. These are the cruel limits that our robot must adhere to. Scanning the monitor, these figures taunt me. My teammates pore over code, scan the electronics, and inspect welds. Suddenly, a line grabs my

After seventh grade, I learned I would be transferring to a small school settled across the street from one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the United States. How fitting. The gloomy and eerie atmosphere of the cemetery was

Topic #4: If you had a household robot to do one single task for you everyday, what would that task be? and why? In order to effectively answer this question, and in the rare prospect of actually getting one, I

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is a glorious achievement for The Flaming Lips. As they progressed through their music career, they began to experiment with their albums more and more. This is something that, in my opinion, led to their

Basic Robotics Essay, Research PaperWhat makes a automaton? What is a automaton? Well the term automaton originally comes from Russia. A Czeck dramatist, Karek Capek wrote a drama in 1921 ( translated in 1923 ) called & # 8220 ;

The circumstance that caused Del Spooner to become skeptical about robots. The time is the car accident makes him and young girl to river. At that time, a robot came to save him but not that girl drowns. Because Spooner

It is my opinion that if given a choice between a robotic and a manned space based exploration, it is better to execute a robotic mission. It is not worth the cost and risk for humans to simply explore space,

If desired, calibrate the virtual process to reflect physical conditions and download optimized robot programs. By simulating your process you can always be sure to have the right combination of robot, gun and fixtures. After all, in virtual reality, bumping

A robot sniper is not subject to arm shake, fatigue, or any of the other human factors that throw off a rifleman’s aim, making each shot more accurate and less likely to hit someone other than the enemy. Pilotless drones

This essay aims at discussing domestic robots that may change the lives of Hong Kong people within the next 50 years by looking at possible future applications of science. In the bygone day, robots were used in industrial field and

Robots are the largest growing technological devices in the world. They perform many functions ranging from space exploration to entertainment. In the following essay the functions of robots, the various types of robots and the advantages and disadvantages of using

Will robots change our lives in the future? It’s a funny question to ask and it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that they’re changing our lives now in so many ways. They record our shows, cook our

?It is said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I want to become that change and influence humanity in the most positive of manner. Becoming such a change is a tremendous task and requires courage, self

The Cutting Edge Surgery has been a method used to help fix people’s problems for generations. Whether it is a broken bone, dislocation, cancer, or ruptured appendix, surgery has provided the option of fixing these problems for the afflicted patients.

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our daily life. Whether it is within our phones with Siri, in our cars with GPS navigation and voice command, or in our homes with home automation systems, we are all using some

In an essay of about 300 words, tell us more about your professional and intellectual aspirations and prior personal experiences relevant to your choice of a specific college or academic program at the University of Illinois. I know from the

The evolution in nature has led to the introduction of highly efficient biological mechanisms. Imitating these mechanisms offers enormous potentials for the improvement of our life and the tools we use. We have devised this mechanism inspired from the locomotion

Two case-studies of relatively simple autonomous robot projects followed by a discussion of embodied cognition, emergent behaviour and how these concepts apply to the above robots. This document is comprised of case studies of two autonomous robot projects, namely Frank

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