My brother had it first, way back in ?. But I rediscovered it, dusty and forgotten among the tapes in the cardboard box he took to college. Weezer’s “Blue Album” will always be a tape. No CD can claim the

1000 Funerals is an atmospheric funeral doom metal band from Iran. Within the first minute of their second album, “Butterfly Decadence,” you will see what I mean when I say “atmospheric.” When you hear raindrops hitting the ground and birds

With a distorted, bass-heavy sound punctuated by 8-bit-style synthesizer, stirring string interludes, and Matthew Bellamy’s evocative falsetto, “Black Holes and Revelations” stands out as an intricate and philosophical album. Drawing on their English roots, Muse gives an interesting mash of

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The iconic country music singer came to Illinois Thursday for her Better Day World Tour. The tour is to promote her new album that is also titled “Better Day”. All of the songs of the album are of a positive,

With all of the bad media surrounding falling starlets, it’s refreshing to see one teen star who hasn’t sacrificed her dignity. Hilary Duff’s album, “Dignity,” named for something that seems to be lacking around Hollywood lately, is a fresh start

“The Night the Sun Came Up” is the debut effort by the Like A G6-hooker Dev. It has been released in various countries, including the UK, Australia and Ireland, but will be out in late March in the US. Produced

Norway isn’t exactly ­famous for its music, but fans of modern progressive metal and black metal know better. It may be a shock to many that this country’s biggest cultural export is most likely its black metal scene, which has

Beware the lulling melodies in Imagine Dragons’ “Night Visions.” The album, released a few years ago, wields mystical powers that will lure you into an everlasting passion for the band. The songs showcase a unique style accompanied by catchy beats.

For the past decade, Elton John has attempted a comeback. Albums like Ice On Fire and Jump Up produced some hits, but never anything like the true talent Elton showed on his gold albums of the ’70’s. Last year’s Reg

Every great album has its own unique elements that separate it from all the others. In this case, Hot Fuss molded the path to a 4 1/2-star rating on iTunes through a murder trilogy, a song about wanting to do

Jungle Rot is a death metal band that is heavily influenced by the old school classics like Morbid Angel, Obituary and Cannibal Corpse added with some groove elements that at reminiscent to bands like Pantera, Sepultura and Soulfly. Heck, they

In summer of 2005, one of the decade’s most revolutionary pop culture phenomena was introduced to the charts. A experimental/ rock/ folk Vegas-based band that called themselves Panic! At the Disco emerged into the limelight, attracting a variety of music

The tale of the breakout actress-turned-songstress might not break headlines. After all, the next pop princess to announce she’s now going to sing for everybody is hailed with more criticism than usual—and while Hailee Steinfeld’s first EP debuts with less

With their forthcoming album, the Christian Metal-core band Demon Hunter has returned with a breathtaking blow of force. Just the title itself gives insight on what the album is all about. Singer, Ryan Clark, his brother and guitarist, Don Clark

In 2013, 36-year-old rapper Fabolous released the third and final mixtape of his trilogy, ‘ The Soul Tape 3’. From his smooth talking, to love, to talking about real life, this mixtape has been very satisfying. Every song, from beginning

Hilary Duff – “Dignity” With all of the bad media coverage surrounding falling starlets these days, it’s refreshing to see one teen star hasn’t sacrificed her dignity. Hilary Duff’s album, “Dignity”, named after what seems to be lacking around Hollywood

For a number of music lovers, Casting Crowns is the first (if not the greatest) contemporary Christian band that comes to mind. Their new album, “The Altar and the Door,” makes sacrifices in terms of sound and song structure, but

We all have to face difficult decisions in our lives where we have the choice to either do good for ourselves or serve others. In the story “The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin Marilyn is faced with a tough choice

Cash meets Barclay by ate and accepts Barfly’s wisdom and guidance and with maturation appreciates Barclay well-played roll in his life. To tell this story, the article includes two prominent themes: coming of age and sacrificing for the benefit of

Calvin Coolidge Speech on Taxes, Liberty, and the Philosophy of Government delivered 11 August 1924, The White House Grounds, Washington, D.C. [This] country needs every ounce of its energy to restore itself. The costs of government are all assessed upon

Question chosen: Do you hold that a human life can be sacrificed in the research to salvage many? To me. a human life is easiest to specify harmonizing to the clip female parents lose their right to abort their babe.

Social order is a fragile concept; the most extraneous of details can cause it to spiral into chaos. In The Crucible, the inhabitants of Salem, Massachusetts experience the unforgiving disruptance of social order. Many attempted to end the witch trials

Period of the domination of Shamshi-Adad. From the Royal Palace at Mari. Purpose: to decorate the palatial walls. 4. What did the work originally looked like? The original mural depicted most probably more registers with processional fgures and ornamental designs

“Silent Sacrifices: Voices of the Filipino American Family’ by Dr. Patricia Heras is a research that was made to help the Filipino Americans family end the relationship gap between the parents and the children. This documentary encourages Filipino- American parents

The use of human sacrifice in different rituals has featured largely in many cultures for thousands of years. To better understand this one must first consider and define what is actually meant by the term ‘ritual’. According to The Oxford

Resurrection and Sacrifice Charles Dickens was an English novelist in the 19th century. A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens is a story of sacrifice and resurrection. Throughout the novel many instances of this are displayed. Charles Darnay, Dr. Manette

Most people believe that, for a married couple, living together till old and grey is a sign of true love. Like the neighbors in the novel of “A Sacrifice”, common people will not accept a separation for a loved couple,

When you think of the Aztec, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the Spanish conquistadors or their beautiful capital at Tenochtitlan. What comes to mind for a lot of people is their practice of human sacrifice. In class,

This paper looks at gender roles in the Bible as used as a basis for sexual attitudes today. This paper studies the gender roles in the Bible, analyzes the stories of Jephte’s daughter and the sacrifice of the virgins. It

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