Being As An Ocean (BAAO) is a band from Alpine, California who have only been together since 2011 and have made a huge impact in the Post Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore scene. Releasing their first full length album “Dear G-d” on October

Frank Ocean has officially proved to be the best musician of this generation. He’s also his own man, a distinctive voice with no real barrier in R, or anywhere else in today’s pop. Ocean reins himself in, tucking his words

It’s been a little over two years since Frank Ocean has released his Grammy-winning, beautifully crafted masterpiece of an album, channel ORANGE. The album was very much critically acclaimed, being dubbed “best album of 2012” by numerous websites and magazines,

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I have spent much of my life in and around the ocean, splitting my time between Florida, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.During our vacations, I usually found myself on a boat or snorkeling. In 2007, I had the opportunity to snorkel

I need the ocean. The ocean is the most stimulating part of nature to me. Growing up right next to the ocean and experiencing it in many different ways such as sailing, surfing, and fishing is what contributes to the

Yellowcard is a catchy punk rock quintet from Jacksonville, Florida. They incorporate the violin, which makes it even more enjoyable and gives them a very refreshing and distinct sound. Their sophomore album, “Ocean Avenue” was released earlier this year and

Discussion Questions for Seaworthy In returning to the ocean, Linda Greenland faces great risks as well as the potential for great rewards. Why did she decide to go back to swordfish? Did her obligations to other people, such as Sacral

Roughly 75% of our earth is covered with water (IDRC 2010). Many people think that when you dump trash into the ocean that nature will biodegrade. It can take up to hundreds of years for this trash to fully decompose.

Research showed that the following six assumptions keep companies trapped in creating red oceans: (1) define their industry similarly and focus on being the best within it, (2) look at their industries through the lens of generally accepted strategic groups

Blue ocean strategy is a book of business strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. The blue ocean strategy explains how to move your business into new markets with less competition and greater profitability. The book is basically divided

A detailed look into the workings of e-commerce. This paper presents an in-depth look at global e-commerce. The writer takes us on an exploratory journey through the workings of e-commerce businesses in general and then fine-tunes the paper with a

An examination of the theme of grief in the novel “The Deep End of the Ocean” by Jacquelyn Mitchard. “The Deep End of the Ocean” is a book about grief and how an imperfect American family deals with the loss

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