Artist M.I.A recently released politically charged song called “Borders”, which challenges the norms of today’s society and the way we identify as people. Through the powerful lyrics and visually stunning music video for the song “Borders” hip-hop artist M.I.A questions

First there was Beethoven, then Mozart, and now Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy is not merely some forgettable pop sensation which is what separates him from overrated “musicians” who write hebetudinous lyrics and remain popular because of their good looks (i.e.

Just like any morning, on September 11 2001, I wokeup and headed to school. Unlike every other day, however, there was an air ofexcitement – it was my eighteenth birthday. I was anticipating a happy, memorableday I would remember. Little

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It was February 7 2008. The moment I stepped off the plane I thought about the many possibilities, my dreams would finally hatch and I would taste the joy of successful life. I looked up the clear February sky, the

question: Was the United States Government justified in placing the Japanese American people into relocation facilities during the Second World War? My Answer: “These shameful acts against men, women and children targeted because of their religious beliefs, ethnicity or national

It was February 7 2008. The moment I stepped off the plane I thought about the many possibilities, my dreams would finally hatch and I would taste the joy of successful life. I looked up the clear February sky, the

“What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!” “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Singer Edwin Starr does not lie when he says that war is good for absolutely nothing. People can look back at history and be able

At midnight on October 26, 2001, George W. Bush signed the new law, the Patriot Act. This Act allowed the government to know what you are doing on online. The government also has the right to search your computer or

Heavy raindrops pelted the thin panes of glass and claps of thunder rumbled through the walls; my only refuge from the typhoon raging outside. Occasional bursts of lightning illuminated the bedroom, revealing tear stains on the pillow. Wracked with homesickness,

I was just outside of Baghdad when out of nowhere, tragedy struck. I didn’t understand what was going on because I was only 4 years old, but I vividly remember coming back to my house and seeing it obliterated. My

My generation’s greatest challenge will be coping with the real world. We are the most shielded, mollycoddled and over-protected group of kids to grow up in America. We’ve been separated from war by distance and the worst thing that could

I was aware of the ongoing war between the government and the drug cartel. I know the new ways their trafficking drugs, animals, weapons, or even people whether it be from drug mules and border crossings all the way to

Did you know Americans are continuously deceived by the media? I doubt anyone would accept this if they knew the truth behind their stories. These major “news” outlets twist and shape stories to their liking all the time, which only

As long ago as 1864, countries sent representatives to Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the treatment of military personnel as well as civilians in wartime. Throught history “rules of war have been formulated with 3 additional conventions. In the time between

The United States of America, what more can be said about it? A prosperous country, a country of integrity and honesty, well at least it was before the government started spying on all of us, but it’s okay because it’s

What is the usefulness of the Structure-Agency Debate in the understanding and policing of global terrorist threat? Use concrete examples to develop your discussion.The main purpose of this essay is to discuss the usefulness of the Structure-Agency debate in the

Back to The Future The idea of time travel has intrigued mankind since we first understood the concept of time. Given the opportunity, most people would love to be able to go back in time and change things that had

Stephen AustinMr. RussoFebruary 20, 2018ELA Should torture be allowed in the US Military? Should the Military be allowed to use Torture for information regarding terrorism to save lives? Some people would say It is effective and it does its purpose,

In any business organization, human resources are one of the most important assets (Ahmad, 2015). In order for any organization to be successful, human resource needs to be managed properly (Fulmer and Ployhart, 2014). The safe and security of employees

The Attack – The Story of a Suicide BomberThe movie The Attack is about a successful Israeli-Palestinian surgeon, Dr. Amin Jaafari, who appears to be fully assimilated into Tel Aviv society. But his life turns upside down when the police

The cultural impact of 9/11 has been likened to a autumn from grace, the loss of US artlessness as the state suffered the first onslaught on its ain dirt since the civil war. Make you hold or differ with this

Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar presents conflicting perspectives of Julius Caesar’s death. Shakespeare employs a variety of dramatic and language techniques to enhance the contrasting views of the assassination. Similarly President Bush’s Address at the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 and the

More than half of the exponents ranked little familiarity , out of which a quarter of the total respondent marked a familiarity of 1, only 4 responded have claimed strong familiarity with the issue. The data shows that the general

One of the successful reforms was the formation of the ISIS group, the more heinous version of the “core” al-Qaeda whose leaders have turned against ISIS. Although the original al-Qaeda network has lost notoriety, it is still known that its

Terrorist speech can also benefit terrorists in the future. The U. S. Government should censor terrorist speech to minimize recruitment, lost lives, and terrorist supporters. Limited or completely eradicated media coverage can help fight terrorism. Terrorists utilize the media for

Introduction Have you ever been treated or looked at differently because of your race, gender, religion, social rank or any other attribute? If you did, then you must have experienced one type of discrimination. So, what do we mean by

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction page(s) 3 2. Hamas’ Origins page(s) 3-6 3. Hamas as a Resistance Movement page(s) 6-7 4. Hamas as a Political Movement page(s) 8-11 5. Hamas in the Eyes of the World page(s) 11-13 6. Reasons

The US Constitution clears states that in Article one section nine halts Congress from stopping the “honor” of habeas corpus in all cases excluding cases of revolt or assault. However, all humans have so- called “natural rights” and that’s what

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