The Beatles

What do you get if you take away heavy distortion, the big amplifiers, and special effects? You get Tesla doing one of the most classic shows ever captured on tape. Tesla, who is named after the band’s idol, Nikola Tesla,

Strawberry Fields Forever & the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a misunderstood conflict among many Americans during the 1960’s. However, thousands of young, especially teenage men, enlisted to fight in Vietnam against the spread of communism. In 1967, around

With the possible exception of The White Album, not one disc in The Beatles’ entire catalog is as uneven in terms of song quality as their comparatively ignored last album Abbey Road (although Let It Be was technically the last

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I decided to stray away from my massive load of Heavy metal and go way back to the late 60’s. Sgt. Pepper is one of my personal favorites by the Beatles. This is argueable the most experimental album from these

Let It Be Awesome: The Beatles in Stereo, Remastered Even if you hate their music, you can’t deny that the Beatles is one of the most, if not the most, influential band in music history. Their transitions from prudent pop

All You Need Is Love: Review for Love It certainly isn’t everyday that you encounter a band like the Beatles. They were game changers like almost no one in the history of music, with the exception of the inventors of

“The Beatles One” is by far the best Beatles ­album ever compiled. It was released in 2000 and includes all of the band’s biggest pop rock hits from the U.K. and the U.S. Most of the songs were ­released during

After having previously bought a couple of The Beatle’s earlier albums, I was itching to buy another, so I purchased “Revolver’, first released in 1966. After reading positive reviews I had high hopes for the album, and I definitely wasn’t

When you hear the name ‘The Beatles’ almost every single time, the person you are talking to will know who they are whether young or old. In my opinion, the White Album is the most underrated Beatles album.Not only is

Oldies? Sure, every song on “1” was writtenover 30 years ago. The Beatles’ music has managed to stay popular, however, and”1″ itself was a number-one selling album for weeks. John, Paul, Georgeand Ringo were the leaders of a music revolution,

“The White Album.” The Beatles, “The White Album” is really a bizzare collection of songs, most of which I do not care for. There are a number of popular songs; Back in the U.S.S.R., Blackbird and Birthday and then there

When someone mentions the Beatles, what exactly do you think of? Do you think of a revolution in music? How the very standards of music were raised? Or do you think about a bunch of young lads that really needed

It’s the 1960s and everything’s going awry from theaverage American parent’s viewpoint. Elvis Presley is gyrating his hips andmaking your daughter swoon while your son wants to put grease in his hair andstart swiveling, too. Then, just when you thought

Thisis the song for the album help. It doesn’t have a guitar solo like while my guitar gently weeps, but it is a good song overall. In my opinion this song seems like an actual cry for help,but hey that

The world of music has taken a wonderful upturn. On September 9, 2009, The Beatles, one of the most highly acclaimed rock and roll groups of all time, released their newly digitally remastered catalog. This can only be described as

Paperback writer is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. It is sang in the form of a letter, as it starts with the words “dear sir or madam”which is interesting for a song. It is an interesting

In my honest opinion the best musical artists ever to walk the earth. Not only do they’re songs and music styles make sense, they allow the listener to feel the emotions that they were composed to give. The Beatles are

In the beginning of the 1960s, America entered mass hysteria. This one was not caused by Orson Welles. It was caused by four young, talented boys from Liverpool, England. The Beatles consisted of Paul McCartney, who played bass, John Lennon,

Unsatisfied with an already mythic stance in music, the Beatles sought to create an album that became unabashedly, unashamedly, musical. Seeking more sophisticated artistic ground, the Beatles banished all preconceived boundaries for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; they would

Abbey Road. The Beatles’ final studio album..and one of their masterpieces. From the soothing tune of George Harrison’s Something, to the rock and roll beat of John Lennon’s Come Together, this album is sure to please the Beatlemaniac and hater

It isn’t an accident that the sixties represented the cultural end of the shadow of World War Two hanging over society: of people beginning to forget about rationing and planning, and a generation of young people express themselves politically, socially

Topping the charts in ’63 with “Love Me Do,” and bringing in the highest rated viewing in history while reforming on the De Sullivan Show, the Beetles are definitely a band that broke the sound barrier of rock and roll.

Compare and Contrast: Mozart vs.. The Battles Mozart and the Battles both produced their creative works of music in differing time periods, Ft both composed and made groundbreaking work; the creative qualities of Mozart and the Battles are comparable at

Mick Jagger Introduction Address: Beatles Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction delivered 20 January 1988, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York When I got here tonight, I saw George [Harrison] and he said, “You aren’t going to say anything bad about

The Beatles Essay, Research PaperMusic is an amusement. yet, sometimes it can do history. A vocal is merely merely words with sound. Yet, sometimes it can be passionate. A set is merely merely people who transport music. Yet, sometimes they

, Research PaperWhy the Impression that the Beatles Changed the World is a MisconceptionThe Beatles had a minimum consequence on the universe & # 8217 ; s class of events. They jumped on the hippy bandwagon at the perfect clip

A History Of The Beatles Essay, Research PaperProbably the most popular, influential and digesting stonegroup of all clip, the Beatles about single-handedly reshapedstone & # 8216 ; n & # 8217 ; axial rotation from a genre of street arab

The Story Behind The Beatles Essay, Research PaperTHE INTERESTING STORY BEHIND THE WORLD & # 8217 ; S LEADING POP BANDThe debut of dad manner into the music industry in the nineteen-fifties and 1960ss has had a definite consequence on

Essay, Research PaperThe Beatles Rise to StardomThe Beatles are a legendary set that underwent legion alterations over theold ages. They rose from a small English set to the most celebrated stone and axial rotationset in the universe. During the 1960?

1978 Jan. Julian returns to England, and J begins fifteen months of being a househusband spending most of his time caring for Sean. Jan 1st. After a year off from song writing G composes “Blow Away’ and “If You Believe

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