On March 12th, R.E.M. released “Out of Time,” their first album since the mega-tour that supported “Green.” “Out of Time” has been hailed by various critics as being some sort of venture into uncharted waters for R.E.M. True, “Out of

What A Time To Be Alive is a mixtape created by two hit making artists by the names of Drake and Future. What A Time To Be Alive was a success the day it came out. With songs like “Digital

When most people hear the name Living Colour, they usually think of Fox’s new television series “In Living Colour.” But, before Fox stole the name, the title Living Colour was associated with the hard rock band who had such hits

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Enslaved’s thirteenth album was released on Nuclear Blast Record’s live stream just a couple days ago Which features some of their best work. ENslaved is Norwegian Progressive Black Metal band that has been around as long as Burzum, Emperor and

February 9, 1990 – 7: 43 p.m. – The lights faded out, and a fourteen minute film opened a most anticipated concert. The film focused on 25 years of history, which includes Jackie Kennedy, Apollo landing on the moon, and

First and foremost, All Time Low is the greatest band to ever walk the Earth. If you haven’t listened to one of their songs, their ballad Therapy from their 2009 album Nothing Personal is a great one to start off

It doesn’t take a music connoisseur to realize that this album has little redeeming value. Bonham is Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, and a cast of relative unknowns. Son Jason has very big shoes to

Having spent the last two years capturing the love of thousands around the world with their breath-taking live performances. All Time Low are back as they release the band’s most hard-hitting record yet; Last Young Renegade is the band’s seventh

There are those who dislike the Jonas Brothers because of their plastic nature as a band. The first songs from these brothers – “Year 3000” and “S.O.S.” – are criticized for meaningless lyrics that no one can relate to. At

Even though I’m a guy, I am a huge Miley fan. And for me, her latest album, “The Time of Our Lives,” did not disappoint. That said, the CD is a somewhat rough transition into the rock genre that she

We all know them: they’re the Jonas Brothers. How on earth could you NOT know them? I mean they’re basically the number one boy band in America and all around the world, they have starred in Camp Rock, Camp Rock

Here it is. After five years of waiting, Bob Dylan’s fans have their answer: Yes, he’s still got it. “Modern Times” is hope for those of us who enjoy great music and disdain today’s lack thereof. The fact that Bob

In the beginning my friends told me that the Jonas Brothers stink. And I listened to them. In order for me to be popular, I had to dislike the Jonas Brothers, because I just wanted to be popular. Then one

Maryland-born group All Time Low returns with Don’t Panic, their sixth and best album yet, once again under Hopeless Records. With a variety of dynamic sounds and different leads, this collection is something that ATL fans don’t want to miss.

1. Their lyrics. The words are very metaphorical and trashy-poetic. “Tangled up in lies like the sheets of another one-night stand.” Also, they have quite a vocabulary. “You’re so synical.” “Give me therapy, I’m a walking Travesty.” The words they

I know it’s hard to grasp now, but there was a time when Britney Spears wasn’t the queen of the tabloids, or trying to destroy her once-pure image. It was during this time that she blasted onto the music scene

“I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face, and a long list of gentlemen happy to take your place…” That’s one of my favorite lines of the best breakup songs out there for teen girls. “Everytime

I have been a fan of Gretchen Wilson’s for a long time. I have every one of her albums, bought each one on the day of their release. I only do that a select few artists, that list which includes

You probably haven’t heard of Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s. I hadn’t until Saturday December 10, 2011. My family and I were planning to go to a local restaurant that also had live music. We got there and enjoyed a

Grizzly Bear’s music is something that puts me at a loss of words sometimes. This is partially because the music sounds like a group of ghosts just picked up instruments one day and started jamming out ominous tones of pure

“Even though, we get a little crazy/Even though, we get a little loud/Even though, we’re never gonna fake it…” That’s an excerpt from the Jonas Brothers’ famed song “That’s Just the Way We Roll” from their sophomore CD, “Jonas Brothers.”

“Modern Minds and Pastimes” is the epic 2007 release from pop band The Click Five. But with this album, these guys show that they’re much more than just pop stars. “Flipside” starts the record off with a very infectious beat

10,000 Maniacs – “Our Time in Eden” “Our Time in Eden” is definitely one of the best compact discs I have ever heard. If you are in the mood to listen to relaxing music during dinner or before falling asleep,

Since I don’t listen to radio due to its horrible content, I turn to other sources to find new music. SPIN magazine recently rated Cornershop’s “When I Was Born for the 7th Time” as the best album of 1997, and

Loving every minute of All Time Low’s former albums, their fourth album, Dirty Work, was something I looked forward to for months. I even preordered it so it would be on my doorstep on the release date. And it was

Last year was a busy one for the three surviving ex-Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Paul worked on a new album, and George is scheduled to come out with a live double album of one of his

Metallica was formed in 1981 by the collective genius of James Hetfield (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) and Lars Ulrich (drummer), and the duo has never looked back ever since. Although suffering line-up changes due to the untimely death of Cliff

“Warriors of Time” by Blacktide is a great song. Blacktide is a rock/metal band that formed in 2004 in Miami, Florida. The band has written and played many songs but, I think Warriors of Time is one of their best

The tour starts off shakily, with seemingly negligible interest within the group, but I finally get their attention. I tell them about Ulysses S. Grant’s last trip to the overlook and the weakened state it left him in – he

Ten years from now I could almost be anything, ranging from those lost souls roaming the streets or the lost souls trapped in a cubicle. But my aspirations must always remain high, no matter the amount of darkness clouding my

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