When I started listening to NOFX, a punk band outof California, I was wowed by the fast beats and catchy lyrics. NOFX,together for over two decades, has several views on the war and our president. In”The Idiots Are Taking Over,”

Strawberry Fields Forever & the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a misunderstood conflict among many Americans during the 1960’s. However, thousands of young, especially teenage men, enlisted to fight in Vietnam against the spread of communism. In 1967, around

Muddy mosh pit mayhem. Black clothed, overly pierced Goths with brightly colored hair. Forty-year-old wanna-be-teenagers wearing not too much. Animal rights activists passing out propaganda. Cross-dressing punk rockers. And four kids in t-shirts and jeans from Glasgow, Montana feeling a

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Vans Warped Tour 08’ Warped Tour 08’ Miami Florida was by far the wildest, most enthusiastic, chaotic concert of the entire year. Every single band that showed up made every effort possible to get the adrenalin of the audience pumping

Ben Howard’s debut album, which was released in 2011, is a remarkable gem of extraordinary consistency and excellence. One of the several things I love about this thing is that in every one of the songs, Ben Howard shows just

Since their start in 2008, the up and coming band, The Civil Wars, has reached a level of stardom that most nominees in the Vocal Duo of the Year category at this year’s Country Music Awards have worked 10 years

On April 19, 2011, “gleeks” all over America jumped for joy as our favorite show finally released an album by The Dalton Academy Warblers. In the world of “Glee,” The Warblers are an all-male a cappella group from the private

I’ve always had a taste for rock music; I love to look up rock lyrics and learn the song’s true meaning. I feel that pop music lacks meaning and purpose, and that is one reason why I prefer rock. Because

Since 1993, the Vans Warped Tour has catered to the needs of the rebellious, punk-rock blasting, skateboarding youth of Southern California and across the United States. Each summer, up to 100 up-and-coming bands hit the road and tour the nation,

Barlowgirl’s new cd “love&war” is an 11 track stop-and-make-you-think album worth picking up. “love&war” is the soundtrack to the fight to show others love while being at war with mainstream culture and ideas. Filled with empowering yet challenging lyrics, it’s

Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore/death metal band that have been well received by fans of metal in,its self due to their unique idea of this heavy hardcore styled genre. From Australia too, which I find is not a

Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat Al Stewart was born September 5, 1945 in Scotland, UK. He is a Scottish Folk-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. Year Of The Cat is his best known album and was released in 1976. It

When I first listened to Paradise Fears, I never would have thought that six guys whom I have never met in my entire life would change my life the way it has. Their music has become my inspiration; my Sanctuary.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived; Ke$ha released yet another eccentric and rebellious album to the public. She continues to enlighten us with her drunken teenage ways, despite the fact that she is twenty-five years old,

My eardrums felt like they were about to explode, but at the same time it sounded so amazing, the hairs on the back of my neck started to stand up from the chills I was getting. Hayley’s voice sounded like

Fates Warning is an American progressive metal much like it’s biggest colleague Queensryche. The have been around since the mid 80s and also have an almost clear influence on a certain heavy metal band I like(Iron Maiden) and you can

The recent release from Canadian indie-rockers Stars, “In Our Bedroom After the War,” is the quintet’s most compelling album yet. This follow-up to 2005’s “Set Yourself On Fire” focuses more on storytelling and imagery rather than the emotional turmoil and

Although not as widely anticipated as the release of”Insomniac” or “Nimrod,” Green Day’s newest album released inOctober had the punk, and even pop, scenes buzzing. After all,”Warning” could very well be the Berkeley trio’s final album. Green Daymembers are now

An actor of tremendous acumen, eccentric wit and nonsensical humor, 27-year-old Jason Francesco Schwartzman has talent that few would question. It now appears as if the actor of Italian and Jewish descent (known for his role as “cool Ethan” in

“Warriors of Time” by Blacktide is a great song. Blacktide is a rock/metal band that formed in 2004 in Miami, Florida. The band has written and played many songs but, I think Warriors of Time is one of their best

Stars Shine With New Release The recent release from Canadian indie-rockers Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War, is the quintet’s most compelling piece yet. The follow up to 2004’s Set Yourself On Fire, it focuses more heavily on storytelling

The long-awaited new release from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has come. Their fourth album, a double CD, shows once again Bone’s excellent ability to produce music. Despite the recent loss of Eazy-E (the men who gave the four thugs their first chance

April 14th was the night of the sixth annual iBoston Music Awards held at the Wang Center. It was hosted by Boston’s own comedian, Lenny Clark, who, although no Billy Crystal, did keep the audience entertained. All the Boston musicians

Imagine a long sheet of pack ice, recently broken off from the main sheet, floating through the North Atlantic Ocean. On it, you see a mother polar bear looking around on all sides, trying to find her young. Looking around

The gag order on press releases, blog updates, or posting any of facts and statistics anywhere, media or online, was banned. This affected the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency so that their employees are not allowed to discuss any of

The dreaded day is finally here. The mandatory mile test. My stomach is in knots, and all I can think is I do not want to do this. I stand at the starting line waiting, and Mr. Gersch yells “Go!”.

I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. For the past three years, I have probably contemplated almost every profession notable. When I learned about something I enjoyed, I could imagine myself with a profession

It was the beginning of August, when the Black Sea began to cool, and the familiar sound of gusting winds and waves slapping against the cliffs returned, setting a backdrop to my days. I was looking forward to the end

I’ve been through a lot of challenges in my life. Most of the challenges I faced, I faced as a small girl in elementary and middle school. But those challenges didn’t leave any scars. The day before I was supposed

I saw him approaching — walking awkwardly with his usual dole expression. Coach had just told us to find a partner for the upcoming doubles tournament. For a split second, I looked around for one of my friends who would

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