“Yeah boy, yeah,” is Flava Flav’s oft-quoted catchphrase, but the one people should be repeating is, “You can’t see me.” This is the famous line of wrestler-turned-rapper John Cena. Hailing from Massachusetts, Cena became a wrestler in 2001 and has

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) are a bit of a sticking point in the world of metal. Some true metalheads growl that they look all emo, balking at anyone whose hair doesn’t hang down to their waists, but the truth is, despite

Wrestling with Leadership It’s a funny feeling when your facing down a opponent on the wrestling mat or if you have a platoon of new cadets staring you down looking for direction. Either situation can make you or break you

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I sat on a stump by the sparking birch-bark fire, strumming a guitar to the tune of”The Circle Game.” I sang the lyrics so ingrained in my mind afterhearing them for six years: “The seasons, they go ’round and ’round,

“You ready to go” asks my wrestling coach. I think do I have everything am I ready for this? I had never been out of the country before but here I go, in 8th grade and traveling to Poland to

“The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates…” (Unknown) This quote has gotten me through the roughest parts of my life. I saw this quote at an old friend’s house when I was about eleven and

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” If only I had seen that warning before crashing into the very mirror onto which it was engraved. In an effort to beat my brother in an epic bicycle race, seventh-grade me

I watched the buildings pass by my window. They were the same, never changing buildings I had seen before, but because it was October, the colors were just that much greyer. The giant navy blue middle school doors were propped

“Who want’s to go first?” That aching inside me tells me to push myself, overpowering my fear and self-doubt, just long enough for me to raise my hand, instantly making me the unsaid leader of the gym class. What did

In spite of my constricting trachea, in spite of the fear that numbed my mind, I tried with all my will to keep going on. Stray twigs grazed my scorching skin, already covered in bruises and dried blood. I struggled

Polar bears are so big that they can look elephants in the eye standing up. Being the largest bears on earth they can survive extremely cold weather and freezing cold water. They live in the countries/state of Alaska, Canada, Denmark,

I wish my family was never shaken to its very core. But it was. However, underneath that immense disguise was a blessing. Last year, the day after Christmas, my parents trudged into my room, tears sliding down their faces, saying,

Laughter filled the air like the aroma of my mothers perfume. Interruption. A knock on the door. “I have some good news and I have some bad news”. I never did find out what the good news was. I stood

I am applying to only one college and that is the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a college-bound wrestler I considered Stanford, Northwestern, Nebraska and Wisconsin. I visited all these schools and looked carefully at all my options. Every school had

Every day, when I clamber off the school bus and walk the five minutes to my newly painted yellow house, I have approximately one hour of quiet to begin my homework. An hour later, while I am wrestling with a

For many individual students preparing to graduate from high school, wondering whether or not they should pursue a higher education at a university or other learning institute is an issue that weighs heavily on their minds. It is a very

What separates me from everyone else? The difference is not what clothes I wear or the music I listen too, but what I feel inside.Ever since I was young, I have loved professional wrestling. I woke up every Saturday to

All I need is one place to free my mind of all the bad weather. One place where the storm finally settles, where the waters are calm and the sky is clear. I come here to get away from all

Although, life is complex it’s the simplest lessons we learn that make it far better. Though we usually don’t notice what someone is teaching us until after they’ve gone, or we’ve grown. We’re learning with every step and every breath

I am often asked the question, “What is it like to wrestle and why do wrestlers cut weight?” I usually can never fully answer the question. Most likely because I do not know why wrestlers cut weight. As a wrestler

I have to laugh to myself when I think about this. I am a seemingly gentle soul, with a strong willed and intelligent outlook on life until I mention that I am involved in wrestling. I watch as their eyes

Sports Entertainment ( Wrestling ) Essay, Research PaperSPORTS-ENTERTAINMENTOld ages ago sports-entertainment in the signifier of wrestle, was merely another little concern goingthrough little towns entertaining few crowds. Now sports-entertainment is a multi-billion dollar concerngoing all around the universe and watched

Vladicavcasian Humanitarian LyceumTHE REPORTOF THE PUPILOF THE 7 FORMUruimagov KazbekVladicavkas 2004.IntroductionThis summer Hasan Boroev, my uncle & # 8217 ; s adherent, became the best grappler in the Greek-Roman category, in the universe. And I decided to compose a study

I’m glad because I’m given opportunity to give a speech here in this very morning. My speech is about pro wrestling, whether they are real or they are Just a show. Around half century ago, there were few shows founded.

The first match during their partnership was a light heavyweight championship match between Jack Delaney and Paul Berlenbach. Around the same time, former professional wrestler Joseph Raymond “Toots” Mondt had a revolutionary concept. He decided to take wrestling to a

“The heights by great man reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards through the night. ”  (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ) Members of the school board, principal and staff, distinguished guests

Now, imagine two young and physically fit people wearing singlets. Both step up to the line and shake each other’s hand. In a brief moment of tension before battle, the referee blows the whistle and the first man shoots a

From being only a physical communication to total opposites until adulthood, it is talked about. Manning and Vowell both effectively communicate the point of their story to us even though their stories are opposites of each other. Brad Manning’s story

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